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  • The Inevitable

    An Anonymous Mother|Jun 7, 2012

    The longer I ride this train otherwise known as motherhood the more accustomed I become to situations and things that are inevitable. As a mother there is always the chance that I can prevent, try to work around or just plain old accept and laugh at all those times that are certain to happen. Here is a list of this week’s five inevitable moments that I knew had a very high possibility of occurring given just the right environment, and accepted them with a chuckle, slight panic & lots of patience. 1.) I asked the brothers to use the bathroom b...

  • Mohawk Memoirs

    May 24, 2012

    As you’ve probably noticed there haven’t been any diapers in our life for the awhile and I was told it was time to change the name of the column. I don’t think I’ve ever been so stumped. I chose “Mohawk Memoirs” because I’m a mom of Mohawk boys and let’s be honest we have to watch our children like hawks, so I’d say we’re all Mohawks already! As for the name change, I never really thought about it and I guess I always expected there to be another baby. Unfortunately there isn’t one on the way. As much as I wanted to have three or four childre...

  • With Mommy Again

    An Anonymous Mother|May 17, 2012

    As spring approached so did the deadline for Little Brother’s school days. He had been going to daycare while I’ve worked but now I’m finished. He’s been improving his speech with the help of a dedicated speech therapist but deep down I knew he needed me to work with him more than ever. He doesn’t like to repeat things and it’s hard to give him that push to talk when he just does everything for himself instead of asking for assistance. I make games out of sounds and make a big deal out of new words he says perfect. Even the words he says tha...

  • Homebound

    An Anonymous Mother|May 10, 2012

    We are on our way home now and the boys are so ready to see all their totas. For the rest of our time spent away from home we had great weather. Big brother got in his fair share of swimming and seashell collecting. He made friends on the ship and loved the Oceaneer’s Lab. We were appreciative that our dinner was always perfect. Little brother loved walking around the ship finding things to do. He tracked down Goofy and Pluto to give them high fives and hugs. He really liked the movie theater on the ship and the live show, both of which he w...

  • Diaper Diaries

    An Anonymous Mother|May 3, 2012

    It’s been a few days of vacation and the brothers have managed to amaze me with their savvy travel attitudes. Little brother who is a fast runaway kind of kid hasn’t been doing too much running away. He seems to understand that we are far from home. His great behavior all started back in Syracuse. We went to the mall up there and did some shopping. I realized after a few stores that this was the first trip we’ve taken without a stroller. Little brother is three now so we’ve been making him walk with us like a big boy. There were a few times I...

  • Countdown

    An Anonymous Mother|Apr 26, 2012

    It’s been two years since we planned a big family vacation that included an airplane ride. We took the brothers to Florida back in two thousand ten when little brother was a tiny one year old and big brother was five and totally obsessed with going to Walt Disney world. Now little brother is the one going through the Mickey Mouse phase and in love with everything Disney. The shows, the characters, even the commercials. Instead of spending the next week sweating in hundred degree weather as we walk the miles upon miles of theme parks we opted fo...

  • Break is over

    An Anonymous Mother|Apr 19, 2012

    Big Brother had all of last week off from school. It started the previous Thursday but two weeks ago he started counting down the days until he could sleep in and have free time. I think it was a much needed break for him. He’s been working really hard on homework, reading logs and studying for his spelling tests that are every Friday. We’re so happy with his grades especially since it’s all up to him how he does. He never misses the bus and seems so big and old when he checks his homework. Then he makes sure it’s in his book bag in the mor...

  • What I find

    Mar 29, 2012

    Being the mother of little boys, I have found my share of odd things laying around. And with it being a little bit warmer ou,t that list has expanded to include anything that could be brought in from outside. Last week, I had little brother helping me with the laundry and we ended up finding my Blackberry in the washing machine. I have found candy wrappers stuffed inside the couch, pockets, toy trucks and between the bed and the wall. We’ve found train tracks in the bathtub, the kitchen sink (little brother needed them cleaned), in book b... Full story

  • March Madness

    An Anonymous Mother|Mar 22, 2012

    I’m sure everyone else has noticed the unusually beautiful weather this past week. The sun is shining and it has reached eighty degrees a few times. My boys have been so excited to play outside and just being out there without a jacket & snow pants. What a change from last year when we were still in the middle of a snow storm at this time of year! We’ve been cleaning up the ditch near our house and the yard from the wild birds. Yes wild birds, it hasn’t been the dogs because my neighbor keeps her tied up and they’re good pets...its these b...

  • The little actor

    An Anonymous Mother|Mar 15, 2012

    Little brother is very animated. With a look or using body language he’ll let you know what he’s thinking. He is talking more now and his words have become clearer but he is still a man of few words. Especially around visitors or when we are out of the house. When he plays it all depends on his mood, either he is the greatest villain or hero. For the last year now he has been into his nerf guns, fake pistols, swords and ninja skills. Whoever plays with him gets to see first hand what an imagination he has. If you have a shoot out and he get...

  • His victory

    An Anonymous Mother|Mar 8, 2012

    Last week we had the opportunity to go rock climbing, indoors of course. My sister-in-law found a place in Ottawa that teaches it and has a full scale, every level rock climbing gym. Big Brother was all for it. Sunday morning rolled around and it was time to hit the road. Little Brother went to hang out with his tota girl while my husband, Big Brother, sister-in-law and I went on our little adventure. Once we found the place we didn’t really know what to expect. At first I was a little worried about this place being legit. We walked down s...

  • Day Off

    An Anonymous Mother|Feb 23, 2012

    Every generation has its own kind of moms. My grandma’s was a stay at home brand and knew how to fix, sew, build, cure anything type. My mother’s generation was going to school after having or while carrying kids, working and juggling home life with kids type. That generation had some of the help of the grandparents who were retired and more than happy to get kids off the early Head Start bus or be there to step in with supper and emergency sick kid center so the moms could still make it to work and school. My grandma says times are cha...

  • Changes

    An Anonymous Mother|Feb 16, 2012

    As it goes with kids, they keep on changing. Lately, Big Brother has taken on big boy responsibilities and a personality. He is growing up into this little man. He surprises me with how he reacts to situations. The other day he got off the school bus visibly upset. Worried, I asked him what was wrong and he told me, “I have a friend on the bus but everyone makes fun of us and say she’s my girlfriend. She’s really nice, I sit with her and we laugh but I don’t like getting teased.” I remembered before that he had mentioned how he said he wasn’t...

  • Memories

    An Anonymous Mother|Feb 9, 2012

    My boys make a mess and drop food on the floor. Sometimes we’re in a rush and don’t sweep before we’re out that door. Other times they are sneaky and quiet. I know better than to trust that they are pretending to be a pilot. Most times they try to fake me out, Getting into things they shouldn’t while the other plays lookout. They dump their toys across the floor and don’t you know it, someone is at the door. I take a shower and they always manage to flush the toilets. When its time for bed they say “aww you spoiled it!” About five is the n... Full story

  • Teaching Rules

    An Anonymous Mother|Feb 2, 2012

    As painful and headache-inducing as it is, parents always have this ongoing battle with the “rules”. As parents we make the house rules, enforce the rules and limits, set consequences and listen to the cries of a child facing a consequence. Every parent is different and raised a certain way. I know there is no right or perfect way to raise a child; we just do the best we can with what we have and love them little terrorists the only way a mother could. One parenting rule I do stand by is ‘don’t be afraid to make them cry.’ It’s okay to tel... Full story

  • The Ice

    An Anonymous Mother|Jan 19, 2012

    January is here and so is the colder weather. My kids have been waiting for major snow fall but had only gotten a few inches that melt or blow away on them. The first time we got some really good packing snow they were right in it packing snowmen and snowballs. Before we knew it the snow was melting away and rain was back. I’ve never seen more bummed out faces then the day we went outside one morning and all the snow was gone. One cried that winter was already over and the other one just stared at the puddle with a mad look on his face. Every t... Full story

  • Telling Mommy 'no'

    An Anonymous Mother|Jan 5, 2012

    This article is about Little Brother. He is my second son and is our baby and I’m very close to him. The difference with my second child was we weathered some rocky territory together. I had help when Big Brother was born. My in-laws were there and my husband was around to take turns with diapers and errands. Little Brother had me worrying about him and his well being before he was even born. Once he got here I rocked him through four months of colic while my husband was away at work. I slept nights with him on my chest while he battled p... Full story

  • Lies I've told my kids

    Dec 8, 2011

    We all do it, or I hope we all do because if not then I’m the biggest, meanest, liar ever. In the beginning of motherhood I would have never dreamed of telling a single fib to my kids. But when big brother was around three I realized redirecting him with some random statement or story would distract him from having a meltdown or fighting me the whole way. Then it was like an acceptable snowball effect and new ones just flew out my mouth in high pressure situations. So here is my list, if Santa reads it, I would for sure get run over by a r... Full story

  • Diaper Diaries

    An Anonymous Mother|Dec 1, 2011

    No matter how big, Our children are here to stay But our babies are not, I’m sad and sorry to say You’ll watch as they grow and learn everyday In the most remarkable and intriguing way We watch and admire our babies so little and young Hoping someday they will grow to be strong and have lots of fun Wisdom and integrity are a hopeful thought too Their brilliance is simply amazing that much is true Next they’re off to school and you don’t know what to do The house is so uncomfortably quiet and calm You try to keep busy,for noise you turn the was...

  • Boys with big hearts

    An Anonymous Mother|Nov 23, 2011

    In my younger years, I imagined that I would have a daughter or daughters to raise and dress. When pregnant for Big Brother I started to get scared that it would be a girl and had my heart set on a boy. Memories of all I had done to torture my parents came to mind. Sneaking out, stealing their cars and then crying to get out of it, staying out late and hiding at my grandma’s to save my hide. Well, I got my wish and the fears of chasing a teenage daughter out windows and away from boys vanished. Then the second boy came along and I thought to m...

  • Candy Nabbers

    An anonymous mother|Nov 10, 2011

    Halloween was a fun night for the boys. Big Brother was on a mission to get as much candy as he could. He came home from school with a few bags full. By the time we hit the road it was getting dark out. I had wanted to head out early, but the boys wanted dinner and some time to chill out. They are so stuck in their routines of having an hour to relax after their school days that even on a night as exciting as Halloween I couldn’t get them out of the house before six. They played outside and I helped them put candles in their pumpkins. Big B...

  • Brothers

    An Anonymous Mother|Nov 3, 2011

    My boys have had their days. One bugs the other regularly. They get along, share, then they have their disagreements. A few minutes later they make up and are friends again and of course the cycle repeats itself…and repeats itself a few more times throughout the day. I notice more on the weekends because they haven’t had their “break” from one another. During the week Little Brother goes to his preschool program, which he loves and does not allow anyone to call it day care so we all say school. He wants to be just like his brother. Once Bi...

  • Pumpkins, Spiders and Ducks

    Oct 20, 2011

    Sunday we got chilly weather but we spent the afternoon outdoors. But before we could head out we found a surprise in our family truck. A stray cat from the neighborhood had weaseled its way in through a window that wasn’t all the way up. When my husband tried to shoo it out, it ran loops around the interior before finally flying out the passenger door. Our little family headed out to a family farm called Breezy Maples Farm a few minutes outside of Massena. It’s a family farm that is open for visitors to enjoy. Big Brother liked the horse rid...

  • Around Town

    An Anonymous Mother|Oct 13, 2011

    This past weekend couldn’t have delivered more beautiful weather. Sunday our family drove out to Upper Canada Village for something different to do. When the weather is nice we usually hit one of the local playgrounds or just hang around home letting the boys run around the yard. They have spent the summer and most of the fall season driving their power wheels, pushing their Hot Wheels through dirt and of course accumulating grass stains on their knees as well as their jeans. We had heard there was a Wood Lover’s Weekend happening at Upper Can...

  • High Alert

    An Anonymous Mother|Oct 6, 2011

    I would like to send a message out to moms of more than one or two kids. I know some with four, five, six or more children and I just want to say good job on keeping your sanity intact while simultaneously attending sporting events, helping with homework, racing to appointments and giving each of your children the chance to enjoy a sport. It must be hard to make it to all of those practices and games while rushing on to the next child’s event in a whole different town! I want to say that I admire you and that Superman has nothing on the S...

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