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It’s been a few days of vacation and the brothers have managed to amaze me with their savvy travel attitudes. Little brother who is a fast runaway kind of kid hasn’t been doing too much running away. He seems to understand that we are far from home. His great behavior all started back in Syracuse. We went to the mall up there and did some shopping. I realized after a few stores that this was the first trip we’ve taken without a stroller. Little brother is three now so we’ve been making him walk with us like a big boy. There were a few times I worried that maybe he wouldn’t manage the added walking or might get tired out and cry to be carried but he didn’t. We got to the airport the next day and my kids were so ready to get on an airplane that they sat in the terminal patiently waiting. Every once in awhile, Little brother would want to walk to the windows at the airport to ooh and ahh over the airplanes and luggage trains. He doesn’t remember his last plane ride so he was very excited about his ‘first plane ride’. There is no arguing with him on the matter even if he’s been on a few flights previous to this. Since he has no recollection he was bursting with anticipation. When our row was called up to board the plane little brother was up and ready before the rest of us. By the time I handed over our boarding passes he had started to make his way to the plane. At take off his eyes got big as we lifted off the ground and he said, “fly mama, me fly!”. He didn’t act like he was terrified but I believe that the first few dips took him by surprise and might have scared him for just a second. He did a good job of hiding it behind his big smile and excited demeanor. During the flight he had on his headphones and watched cartoons. Even though he had his own personal TV in front of him he decided it was his duty to change the channels for me on mine. He sat in his seat like he had done this routine tons of times. When the flight attendant asked us what we like to drink little brother yelled, “duice!” so loud because he had the headphones on. About half way through the flight little brother fell asleep on me and missed the landing in Orlando. He had gotten up early and the beginning of his big adventure had tuckered him out. Big brother on the other hand stayed awake for the entire flight and watched his movie, ate his snacks and randomly waved us. We left the airport right away and made our way to Cape Canaveral. It was a short maybe half and hour ride which little brother was a complete maniac on. The limo driver had put up his privacy window and good thing because the brothers yelled things like, “whoa, a Mustang! Did you see that weird bus? Wow a Corvette!” at the top of their lungs the whole ride. We spent the afternoon swimming and watching cruise ships leave port. The following day we made it to our cruise ship and the check in process was so fast. I had expected to wait in a huge lineup and be packed in a crowded line but it wasn’t like that at all. We were on the ship within twenty minutes of arriving and served a buffet lunch immediately upon boarding. That was when I started to see why everyone who takes a Disney cruise recommends it. They make it so easy with kids that they take all the stress and worry out of the equation. Big brother has been eating so well that he might grow a few inches on this trip. Little brother, the forever picky eater has been finding the menu to his liking. After a big day of exploring the ship, swimming, and partying kid style on the deck with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, the Chipmunks, Donald, Daisy and Pluto my kids fell asleep on their own. When we woke up the next morning we were in the Bahamas. There was no need for an alarm clock or having to fight to wake up the boys. My husband and I were talking and one of us said, “Oh, we made it, we’re in Nassau” and both kids were up and at the window in five seconds flat! Thankfully neither boy has gotten motion sickness or lost. So far our boys have been good little travel companions and we are getting a kick out of them acting like old pros.


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