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My boys make a mess and drop food on the floor.

Sometimes we’re in a rush and don’t sweep before we’re out that door.

Other times they are sneaky and quiet.

I know better than to trust that they are pretending to be a pilot.

Most times they try to fake me out,

Getting into things they shouldn’t while the other plays lookout.

They dump their toys across the floor and don’t you know it, someone is at the door.

I take a shower and they always manage to flush the toilets.

When its time for bed they say “aww you spoiled it!”

About five is the number of times I ask them to hang up their coats.

They do it on the sixth, only after I say bath time with boats!

I serve supper and witness those looks,

The ones that say, “oh man she needs new cookbooks!”

They are sweet and they are smart, but that doesn’t mean I got a pass on scrubbing off wall art.

They run around inside, they argue with each other and shout loud.

But I’ll tell you what when they get along they make me so proud.

There are times when I stop cleaning and sit down with them.

That’s where I taught first words, love, and how to count to ten.

For each happy moment there are the days you have to try hard.

I have caught puke with bare hands, been a human snot rag and wondered why are we dealt this card? 

I love the nights when I see the boys smile in their sleep.

They don’t know it but my heart will always be theirs to keep.

As exhausting as it is at times to always be it and read between the lines.

I know its worth it because someday they’ll have kids and recall those fun times.

As moms we make choices for our babies daily.

Like not going out to see friends and our plans are always maybes.

Ours days go by so fast I wish I could stop time.

All I can do is spend my spare moments with each boy hoping that they’re fine.

I’ve kissed scraped knees, squished fingers and bumped heads.

But the best kiss of the day is when we send them off to bed.

I fear these special years are going too fast and I want them to go slowly.

But as life goes on I’ll have these little memories and I hope they remember the young fun mom I used to be.


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