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Mohawk Memoirs


As you’ve probably noticed there haven’t been any diapers in our life for the awhile and I was told it was time to change the name of the column. I don’t think I’ve ever been so stumped. I chose “Mohawk Memoirs” because I’m a mom of Mohawk boys and let’s be honest we have to watch our children like hawks, so I’d say we’re all Mohawks already! As for the name change, I never really thought about it and I guess I always expected there to be another baby. Unfortunately there isn’t one on the way. As much as I wanted to have three or four children it looks like there might just be the two. I’m really happy that women in our families keep having babies so I can hold them and smell that brand new life smell. We all know that scent. New life and no matter how old your oldest is or how crazy life is when you get a whiff of that new baby smell you immediately come down with that baby fever. Well at least I know I do! So thank you to my cousins who keep having new bundles so I can ooh and aww over their tiny hands and sleeping faces. Even my boys love babies. Big brother needs to hug them and little brother prefers to pet them. Little brother doesn’t get jealous if I hold a baby, but if his dad does it breaks his little heart. He has a three year old version of a panic attack that his father has betrayed him by taking notice of a human smaller than he is. 

Lately, I’ve gotten to feel special because little brother has been shifting sides. He was always a daddy’s boy but now when his dad is gone he acts like I am his favorite person in the world. Cuddling with me at his nap time and randomly coming up to me for a hug and kiss. Of course once dad is home from work I’m invisible again but that’s ok at least he has stopped standing in the doorway crying that he can’t go to work with his dad. Big brother has always been a momma’s boy. When no one wants to go grocery shopping he will be the one to jump up and volunteer to hang with me. When I have to do yard work he’s the one right behind me telling me stories and making me laugh. I’m so glad that even at seven he still hugs me when he leaves and when he comes home. Little brother already acts embarrassed if I want to hug him goodbye. Like I’m inconveniencing him with the time I take away from playing. Today I’m taking the boys out for haircuts. They are a month overdue but each time I would get to the mall there would be an hour wait so we’d give it another week. There is only one girl who they like and let cut their hair so I have to catch her when she’s not booked up. Now with the hot weather I have to get them their haircuts and we’re going to wait however long it takes to get this done! We’ve been letting the boys pick their own hairstyles. I know they’re young but it’s their hair they have the right to like what their head looks like. They switch it up and are always so proud of their new haircuts. Hope you like the Mohawk Memoirs as much as you did the Diaper Diaries.



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