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The Ice


January is here and so is the colder weather.  My kids have been waiting for major snow fall but had only gotten a few inches that melt or blow away on them. The first time we got some really good packing snow they were right in it packing snowmen and snowballs. Before we knew it the snow was melting away and rain was back. I’ve never seen more bummed out faces then the day we went outside one morning and all the snow was gone. One cried that winter was already over and the other one just stared at the puddle with a mad look on his face. Every time it flurries just a little bit the brothers are right at the window watching with big eyes hoping it turns into a blizzard. Now they always have me hoping for a big snowstorm. I watch the weather forecast and every time a storm passes us I get disappointed. These boys want snow, real snow.  Climb to the top of a mountain of plowed driveway snow and slide down kind. I haven’t taken them sliding yet because its too icy. All I need is for one of us to fall or slide too far and crash. Ice is an unforgiving surface that I don’t want to tangle with if I can avoid it. Little Brother had a fall the other day when he slipped on a small patch in the yard. It was covered by a small dusting of snow. Now he has learned to walk carefully and watch his step or his little hand reaches up as soon as we get outside because he knows he can balance himself if he’s hanging on to a parent.

Big Brother is a seasoned vet when it comes to icy conditions. He loves running and sliding across ice patches on his feet. He’s even mastered some crazy stunt tricks. I should probably just go ahead and start flooding the yard to make an ice rink. Make the cold and icy month into something useful.  I was really hoping we get a foot or two of snow soon. Big Brother was annoyed that his school wasted a school day for a busted water main the other week. When he heard he had no school the first thing he did was run to a window and see if we were snowed in! When he saw that it hadn’t he was so sad and just muttered under his breath, “My school wasted a snow day! and there isn’t even snow! I don’t get it!” I have to wonder if any other kids had noticed lack of magic falling from the sky or if it’s just my winter babies.

Last week the kids got a nice surprise due to the ice. School cancellations made for an extra long weekend. Thursday morning came and we got the early morning phone call that there would be no school. We didn’t bother the boys and they woke up to ice over the windows and yard. I found it funny that Big Brother wasn’t too happy on Thursday since it was an “ice day” not a fun snowy kind of day. The kids had a nice lazy day that continued into Friday. It was beautiful out Friday; we got all that snowfall and when the boys woke up and saw it they just wanted to go out and play in it. Big Brother said after launching a snowball at me, “I’m glad school got cancelled this time because it’s a real snow day! Look at all the snow Mom!” At least we got some pretty snow now!  Little Brother had no daycare that Wednesday so they each scored a five-day weekend. Monday, Little Brother went in after being home for extra days. He didn’t want to go back but I planned on spending the whole day with just Big Brother Monday since I had spent the whole day with just Little Brother last Wednesday. January: the month of ice.


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