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Being the mother of little boys, I have found my share of odd things laying around. And with it being a little bit warmer ou,t that list has expanded to include anything that could be brought in from outside. Last week, I had little brother helping me with the laundry and we ended up finding my Blackberry in the washing machine. I have found candy wrappers stuffed inside the couch, pockets, toy trucks and between the bed and the wall. We’ve found train tracks in the bathtub, the kitchen sink (little brother needed them cleaned), in book bags, the laundry hamper, inside a speaker to our sound system. There was a hot wheels car in that at one time, too. I’ve spotted toothpaste on more than just the bathroom sink. But in little brother’s room as well. He acted like he wanted his room to smell minty. Chocolate squished between the car seat and seatbelt buckle? Yes. Brand-new newspaper ripped up for an imaginary birds nest, you bet I’ve found that. 

Big brother has been surprising me for a few years now. When I do his laundry and from his pockets I have found the usual cars, money, and Lego pieces. The odd finds have been lady bugs, a grasshopper, girls phone numbers from school, keys to who knows what and finally sand from the beach and dirt from the yard. Little brother has also collected bugs and dirt. Big brother has also started collected my jewelry. I found two rings and a necklace of mine hidden in his room. He claimed he was keeping it safe because I would lose it. I’ve seen little pretend treasure maps tucked into books on the bookshelf and their money outside in the yard. I think they’re trying to bury the change and dig it up later on. The older they get the sneakier they are so I can only imagine what else I will find. 


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