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As it goes with kids, they keep on changing. Lately, Big Brother has taken on big boy responsibilities and a personality. He is growing up into this little man. He surprises me with how he reacts to situations. The other day he got off the school bus visibly upset. Worried, I asked him what was wrong and he told me, “I have a friend on the bus but everyone makes fun of us and say she’s my girlfriend. She’s really nice, I sit with her and we laugh but I don’t like getting teased.” I remembered before that he had mentioned how he said he wasn’t friends with this little girl any more because the other children were making fun of them. But in the end he told her he was sorry and she really was his friend and he didn’t care if he got teased. All I could tell him was to ignore those other kids. If you really think she’s funny and she makes you laugh and has never been mean to you, she is a real friend and we don’t care what other people say about real friends. It’s hard to give out advice to little boys especially when your words don’t seem to do anything in a situation where you are not there. Yesterday he came home and told me about his day at school. He had a Valentine’s Day dance and all the classes were in the gym and so was his buddy from the bus. He said as soon as he asked her to dance, a group of boys came up to them and started teasing them and laughing. His response was, “Whatever. I’m over it. You should get over it, too.” Then he went on to explain how him and all his friends just danced like silly heads and that group of kids haven’t teased him since. He acted so old in that situation. I’m proud of him for not abandoning his friend.

Big Brother has become increasingly protective of his little brother. He helps him to put toothpaste on his toothbrush and turns the faucet on and off for him. At bedtime he has taken over the bedtime stories and reads to Little Brother. It is heart melting to listen to. I can hear Big Brother as he reads these big kid books to his younger sibling and then says, “Ok, turn the page.” Little Brother is a busybody but he will sit quietly and contentedly when his big bro takes the time to read to him. When we are out in public places like the mall or post office Big Brother keeps a watchful eye out for his brother. I never wanted him to be responsible for his little brother. That is my job, but he just naturally stands guard. If Little Brother seems like he is about to wander off, Big Brother is right there with a hand saying, “Come on, you don’t want to get lost. Stay close.” Little Brother is always delighted for the invitation to continue being Big Brother’s tail so it has been working out. When we get ready to leave the house Big Brother will set Little Brother’s boots out for him. He’s concerned about his brother putting his boots on “banana feet” so he sets them out just so.

Little Brother still annoys Big Brother regularly and they argue over trivial things like who sits where at the table and where to play. However, Little Brother has been finding his words and as they become clearer Big Brother can no longer debate just what his brother wants or doesn’t want. Little Brother has left my room for his own room once he turned three. I have always had a baby or kid in my bed for the last seven years. Even if they start out in their own beds I would get one sneaking in at three in the morning. Being too tired and lazy to get up and carry the scared kid back to their room they would stay. Those nights are over. Little Brother puts himself to sleep in his own room. He just decided one day that he was going to and has been ever since. I didn’t fight with him or do the game of taking him back to his room fifty times in a row. He’s so independent for a little guy. He made up his mind one day about it and hasn’t returned to our room. My bed seems huge now without the extra feet kicking me or hands smacking me in the face. Little Brother has also gained more patience with practicing his words. We share high fives and hugs when he has mastered new words or puts them together.

As luck would have it both boys have gone through this enormous growth spurt this winter. Little Brother, who I thought was just going to stay this little thing but is proving me wrong. In the month of December he started out with a 2t snowsuit. Before January I had to upgrade him to 3t. By the end of January I had to go shopping for a 3rd set of ski pants in the size 4t! He went through 3 snowsuits in a little over a month! Big Brother grew taller and leaner as well. He’s always been kind of tall and skinny. I waited until the last weekend before school began to buy his school clothes this year to try to make them last at least until spring. But by December (about 3 months) he had grown out of his six and seven size jeans and shirts. When I took him shopping he jumped to a size ten! I’ve bought him some new clothes to wear to school. Luckily for us my in-laws bought his ski pants and jacket this year and got it a little bit bigger so he can still fit that! So in about three months both the boys grew a few pants sizes each. Funny how they had growth spurts at the same time. I guess I should be used to all this growing by now but it amazes me how quickly everything about them is always going through changes.


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