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With Mommy Again


As spring approached so did the deadline for Little Brother’s school days. He had been going to daycare while I’ve worked but now I’m finished. He’s been improving his speech with the help of a dedicated speech therapist but deep down I knew he needed me to work with him more than ever. He doesn’t like to repeat things and it’s hard to give him that push to talk when he just does everything for himself instead of asking for assistance. I make games out of sounds and make a big deal out of new words he says perfect. Even the words he says that I can understand I clap and tell him good job in hopes of giving him more confidence in this area. However, now as his first official school year is not too far ahead I decided it was time for him to have some one on one time with me. I took him out of daycare a month ago and have been enjoying days with Little Brother in tow. I didn’t want him to miss out on having friends like he’s been lucky to have at daycare so I arrange a few play dates a week. That tires him out and thanks to the structure he got from the women at daycare he naps on schedule even a month after. He was excited to stay home with mommy and now every morning that Big Brother gets ready for school he laughs this kind of mischievous chuckle. Its funny how he understands he’s no longer required to get ready and rush out the door and is laughing at his older brother who must. With the warmer weather our days have been broken up between outside and inside. He plays outside and then we come back in the house so he can have his snack or lunch. He is happy to run errands with me and we point out the different sights to each other. He has been increasing the amount of things he points out and tells me. I make sure to turn the radio off so the fifteen or so minutes of driving I use to ask him questions or listen to him tell me stories. When your life slows down a bit you begin to see the difference. Before there was not a lot of individual time unless one son was sick or had the day off from school. On weekends which was when we used to run the bulk of my errands, big brother was with us and he did most of the story telling so little brother would quietly listen. Now he’s got the stage and my undivided attention to work out his sounds and share tall tales. He’s got quite the comedic personality and I can’t help but laugh when he does mid story. I am constantly kicking myself in the behind for not catching some of these moments on video. At the rate he’s growing up I don’t have much longer to capture such times. But I’m sure I’ll have plenty of opportunities to since he’s with mommy again. 


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