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Rumble on the River Poker Run


On Sunday, July 15th community members gathered at the "Old Cheese Factory" in Hogansburg to help out a great cause. The Rumble on the River Poker Run, with kayaks and canoes, was organized to benefit the Akwesasne Cancer Support Group. The event was originally supposed to take place the week prior, but due to one of the Akwesasne Cancer Support Group's founding members passing away, the event was postponed a week. This fundraising event was something different for community members to come out and enjoy themselves at their own leisure while rolling down the St. Regis and St. Lawrence River. As well; having a chance to win $250. Any age could participate, as long as they could swim or wore a life jacket and kayak rentals were available for those who did not own a kayak.

Beginning at the "Old Cheese Factory", participants put their kayaks and canoes in the water and from there they went on to Fulton's Woods, CT's store, Fred Lazore's, Spinners Marina, Kings Marina and Adams Marina was the final stop. Registration for the event began at 9 a.m., with community members paying $20 registration and $5 a hand. Participants were able to buy as many hands as they wanted during registration.

During each stop, participants would receive one card for every hand they purchased. Participants were not able to see their cards. Once everyone arrived at Adams Marina, they handed their zip locked bag of cards to the organizers and even then, they were not allowed to see their hands. Once all the cards were tallied, the winner for best hand and worst hand were announced. The best hand went to William Chubb, winning $250. The worst hand went to Ryan Jacobs, also winning $250. All the proceeds raised were given to the Akwesasne Cancer Support Group, minus the $500 in prize money.

Jason Lazore, one of the organizers of the event stated "This event was just an idea, I talked about it to Diane. Next thing I know there's a Facebook event for it. After seeing all the support and interest, we had no choice but to do it. I just had an idea, and the volunteers helped to make it happen. Akwesasne Rocks!"

Once the event was finished, a total of 73 kayakers had come out to show support. A total of 120 hands were purchased by participants, which cost $5 each. The event raised approximately $1500. It just goes to show how great Akwesasne is when it comes to supporting a cause that affects virtually every family in Akwesasne.


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