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Family Fun at Scavenger Hunt Obstacle Course


Each family member tested their flexibility during the "Yoga Ball Pass."

As a part of this year's Akwesasne Wellness Week, the SRMT Community Nutrition, MCA's Wholistic Health & Wellness Program and Iakwashatste Youth Fitness hosted a Scavenger Hunt Obstacle Course. The event took place at the Tsi Snaihne Recreation center on Wednesday, July 11th. Teams began registering at 5pm to warm up for the physical challenges they were about to face. This year the Obstacle Course was done much differently than last year. This year families all began at the same time and had to complete each obstacle before moving on.

The first obstacle was called "Sponge Fill the Bucket," which was exactly what it sounds like. Every member on each team had to run a short distance to a water filled bucket and soak their sponge as much as possible. The teams who could run back to their bucket with the water-soaked sponge and fill it up could move up.

The second obstacle was called "Family Pick Up." Each member had to pick up a certain number of balls, depending on their age. After each member had their balls, they had to carry them to the next obstacle without dropping any balls.

The third obstacle was called "Yoga Ball Pass," which is where it got a little challenging for some. Each team member had to lay down on the ground and pass a yoga ball with their legs to the next team member. They also had the choice to sit down and pass the ball with their hands, but not many did it that way.

The first group of teams trying their best to finish the first obstacle.

The fourth obstacle was "Alligator River Crossing." Each member had to cross from one end to another by using little mats they had to step on, without touching the ground. Once each member crossed they were able to move on the fifth obstacle "Fill the Bucket Cup Relay," which was much different than the first obstacle. This time each team member had to sit in a line, with the first member filling their cup with water from a bucket in front of them. The team members had to pass the water back over their heads to the last team member to pour it over their head into the bucket behind. Once the team's bucket was full, they could move onto to the next obstacle.

The sixth obstacle was "Moving A Beach Ball Together with Pool Noodles," which is pretty explanatory. Each team could only use three pool noodles, and they had to carry a beach ball from one point to another without dropping it. Once they finished they went on to the last obstacle, completing a puzzle.

The top two teams with the best time completing the whole obstacle course won. 1st place went to the Rourkies (Rourke family) and 2nd place went to the Jacksons (Jackson family). Once everyone was finished the obstacle course, they were invited to a free meal. They had a great turnout with everyone having a fun time with their family.


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