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  • Crafting Weekend at the Snye Recreation

    Karonhiaton|Mar 10, 2016

    A crafting weekend was held on Saturday, March 5 and Sunday, March 6. Beaders, jewelry makers, scrap bookers, card makers, quilters, moccasin makers and artists of different medias joined together to work on their projects at the Snye Recreation. This event was free of charge and participants were provided with a complimentary lunch and snack each day. Crafters had the opportunity to reserve a table so that they could sell their crafts, work on projects or sell their excess crafting supplies...

  • Pink Shirt Day Celebrated in Akwesasne

    Karonhiaton|Mar 3, 2016

    The Akwesasne Family Wellness Program staff delivered over 600 pink shirts to Kawehnoke, Kanatakon and Tsi Snaihne Schools and area childcare centers. On Wednesday, February 24, 2016, students wore these pink shirts with the printed saying "Kindness is One Size Fits All" as part of Pink Shirt Day, an anti-bullying initiative campaign. Pink Shirt Day was started in Nova Scotia with two incredible high school teens. The two teens, David Sheperd and Travis Price, took a stand when they noticed...

  • Beading for Healing with Niio Perkins: Healing Through Art & Expression

    Karonhiaton|Mar 3, 2016

    On Sunday February 29, 2015, the Seven Dancers Coalition and the Three Sisters Program collaboratively hosted Beading for Healing with Niio Perkins: Healing through Art & Expression class. The Seven Dancers Coalition is a federally funded community program that primarily works to create conversations focused on the awareness and prevention of sexual assault, domestic violence, campus safety, teen dating, stalking and sex trafficking. The Seven Dancers Coalition also provides training to service...

  • AMBE Schools Science Fair

    Karonhiaton|Mar 3, 2016

    The next generation of explorers and scientists are getting their start at AMBE Schools in Akwesasne. Students at each of the schools in head start to kindergarten eagerly learned about an array of topics. Early years students at Tsi Snaihne explored the topic of "Flight," while students at Kanatakon concentrated on "Transportation" and students at AMS on Kawehnoke focused on the "Sea." Teachers at each of the AMBE schools worked days in advance to decorate each schools gymnasium according to...

  • 25th Annual Akwesasne Winter Carnival Lip Sync Battle

    Karonhiaton|Feb 18, 2016

    The St. Regis Dance Club hosted Akwesasne's first Lip Sync Battle at the Kanatakon Recreation on February 11, 2016, as part of the 25th Annual Winter Carnival events. Laura Thompson, St. Regis Dance Club Coordinator and Reen Cook, Lip Sync host welcomed community members to the event. Music for the event was provided by Tray Benedict. The Kanatakon Recreation was packed with all seats taken and standing room only. Community members were eager to see Akwesasne's rendition of the famous Lip Sync...

  • Akwesasne Winter Carnival Snowflake Gathering and Opening Ceremony

    Karonhiaton|Feb 18, 2016

    On February 11, 2016, the Akwesasne Winter Carnival kicked off with the Snowflake Gathering at Iakhihsohtha Lodge in Tsi Snaihne. Cultural educators from the Native North American Traveling College said the opening address as part of the first day of activities. Following the opening, a social took place. Community members participated in social dances, including the stomp dance, the round dance and women's dance. Thomas Jacobs (Wolf clan), Beatrice White (Wolf clan), Charlotte Francis (Deer...

  • 2016 Salmon River Middle School Science Fair

    Karonhiaton|Feb 18, 2016

    It's important to give youth the opportunity to research and investigate subject matter that interests them. When students drive their own instruction and are empowered and supported by their teachers, family and community they become engaged lifelong learners and future leaders. Typically, one would not think that a school science fair could provide this guidance for youth, but surprisingly it does. The Salmon River Middle School STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) program...

  • Akwesasne's Best Homemade Chili and Biscuit Contest

    Karonhiaton|Feb 18, 2016

    Thursday's mid-day frigid temperatures kept community members inside with the Akwesasne's Best Homemade Chili and Biscuit Contest. Rhonda Gray, Iakhihsohtha Activity Department, was on site at the Lodge to guide judging. About 20 community members came out to participate in the judging of Akwesasne's best chili and biscuit dishes. In the activity room of Iakhihsohtha Lodge, one table was lined with chili in crock-pots, while the other table was lined with some of Akwesasne's best looking and tas...