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Indian Time Newspaper Restructures

Considers Rebranding

In early April, Indian Time Newspaper announced a two week/issue hiatus. During this time, Indian Time Staff assessed the structure of the newspaper, publication dates, and the stories presented within the paper itself.

We collectively gathered suggestions, ideas, and thoughts on where the Akwesasne’s long running, and locally based community paper could evolve - in an extremely competitive and yet discriminating media advertising environment. Indian Time staff members knew changes had to be made amidst changing times. An inhouse crisis forced Indian Time staff to take a hiatus and this allowed the staff time to do what they knew had to happen, sooner and not later – assess and restructure the newspaper.

This is a reflection our ‘changing times’ as almost all newspapers, local and national are facing challenges due to social media, the economy, and dwindling opportunities for local advertisers – even pre-covid and post-covid. Other challenges include attracting talent – especially younger reporters – as well as younger audiences.

With that being said, Indian Time will publish every issue weekly online as usual. For those who still enjoy print, Indian Time will publish a print copy once a month. This will serve two purposes; it will reduce our printing costs and give Indian Time writers and reporters more time to write in-depth feature stories and articles. Indian Time will continue throughout the month to publish online ‘breaking news’ as it happens. Our first once-a-month print hard copy will be on newsstands on May 9th, 2024.

To better serve the community of Akwesasne, Indian Time will offer a free ‘events’ newsletter to our readers – sent via email and sponsored by local businesses focusing on events in and around Akwesasne in an easy-to-read format. This will give our readers a brief view of daily events from Sunday to Saturday evening. Many of these events will be covered as a feature news story in the paper.

Indian Time is developing a “jobs” tab accessible on their website listing job opportunities in and around Akwesasne and sponsored by local businesses and programs. This tab will be free and accessible for Indian Time readers.

They are currently developing a newsletter specifically designed for local cannabis business enterprises and consumers.

Indian Time has operated without a ‘board’ for years. Now is a great opportunity to formally create an Indian Time Board of Directors to assist in the support and direction of the newspaper. As well, look for an Indian Time survey coming out in the next few days where you’ll have an opportunity to give direct input on Indian Time and possibly consider changing Indian Time Newspaper to a more positive and inspiring name.

Indian Time staff are grateful for your support and look forward to serving you once again.


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