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AMPS & HAVFD Issue Warning – Stay Off the River

Snowmobiles Go Through Ice Off Kawehno:ke


On March 15th, 2022, Akwesasne Central Dispatch received reports of snowmobiles breaking through the ice just off the eastern tip of Kawehno:ke (Cornwall Island).

At 12:47 PM, three snowmobilers attempted to cross the partially frozen St. Lawrence River from Cornwall Island to St. Regis Island. All three snowmobiles went through the ice, including the operators. The Hogansburg Akwesasne Volunteer Fire Department (HAVFD) utilized their fan boat to help rescue all three individuals who were later transported to a hospital, suffering from hypothermia.

The Akwesasne Mohawk Police Marine Unit (SAVE) is requesting everyone to stay off the ice as it has become unstable due to the weather conditions. Recent changes in the weather have caused the ice to deteriorate at an increased rate, resulting in poor ice conditions.

The HAVFD released this statement, "Multiple snowmobiles have broken through the ice at the East end of Kawehno:ke. During the process of rescue operations HAVFD airboats broke through the ice between Kawehno:ke and St. Regis Island. Also, from the Johnson RD boat launch in Kana:takon to the west end of St. Regis Island. The ice is very deteriorated and not safe for crossing."

The Akwesasne Mohawk Police would like to thank the Hogansburg Akwesasne Volunteer Fire Department, Akwesasne Mohawk Ambulance, Provincial Ambulance, and our Public Safety Dispatcher for their hard work and dedication to the community of Akwesasne.


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