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AFS Job Posting: Office Manager


Term: November 9, 2021-August 14, 2023

Hours per Week: 40 Hours per week, Monday-Friday

Work Location: The Akwesasne Freedom School

Deadline for Applications: November 5, 2021

Must submit a resume and application to the Akwesasne Freedom School Office at 31 Indian Village Road, Akwesasne.

For more information, please call 518 358 2073 or email us:

Duties include but not limited to:

Maintain a professional attitude and environment

Establish a trusting relationship with parents and staff

Must be able to make decisions in consideration of the Parent Committee

Must be able to conduct staff and parent meetings effectively

Follow established work culture as set by the Akwesasne Freedom School

Participate in curriculum development to help reinforce delivery

Must be able to report on financial statements and budgets

Under direct supervision of parent committee

Must be able to write reports and proposals for funding

Will provide guidance and appropriate discipline

Must be able to provide the history and current school organization to media and others interested in immersion schooling


Only fluent speakers of the Kanieńkehá need apply

Experience in management is essential

Must have initiative and be willing to provide Kanieńkehá:ka culture and teachings

Must have a valid driver’s license and vehicle

Must know and support the Mission of the Akwesasne Freedom School:

All applicants must agree to criminal reference check


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