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Heart Speak Shine


Heart speak shine, my dear children...

How I love you both so dearly whole heartedly

Be as you be my honey darlings

To be always happy & healthy & oh so tenderly loved, respected and unconditionally well-nourished our past, present, & future

Know we love you always... we LYTM, “Love You Too Much”- says my father

Oh, our dear men, our fathers, brothers, partners, sons, uncles and our grandfathers

How we love them; All their valor, dedication... guidance in the mist

Our dear life soldiers, rise in their defense

May we all arise in the defense of our dear children, our dear sacred

Our children need us now more than ever...

To open thine eyes, Awaken...

Glory be to the father, the son, the Holy Spirit

Meet on common grounds and plant good seeds for the future...

Mother Earth always forgives us, as we embrace in the essence rather than the acquiescence of the moment, we must stand firm in this brief tango of elitist self interest

In the face of evil, crowned & convicted...

May we rest, rest our games of manipulation, triggering trauma’s and end the gain of function

So, we can proceed... Proceed with good healing & intentions

Rather than the fluster of fury, restore our minds bodies & spirit

Reset ourselves, nourish our hearts, heal our wounds with the grounds of our grandmothers...

Mothers, sisters, aunties and our dear daughters grounded and rooted

We’re all participants in the grand gesture of all our life matters

A kin in the horizon where all souls meet;

Of earth & sky, past & present ever upon us

Future forgiveness of our ignorance and journey forward in harmony;

Oh, sweet harmony, collective peace & power

All equals in the same decimal

Fragrant frequencies of family, enrich life’s meaning and vendors of sacred economies

Specialists of survival, in the cosmic wake of creation

In the eye of the storm we weather the glory of sweet life is how we choose to express it... we all have a choice here; Shame on you false stars, politicians, experts & oath keepers as well as those who follow parading lies as truth, robbing informed consent & raping our sovereignty

Some angels may have fallen... But life’s still in bloom, no matter your ritual

Our gods, creators, & ancestors are here spiritually to Sheperd us through this transition

We all believe in something better despite our opinions

May we love each other’s children

Set aside our plays of ego, let go of the fear narration and choose love,

Love, love, love ...

To heal our spirits, turtle island, the land of the free and our cosmic destiny...

As we fully realize ourselves & our medicines right in front of us

Patiently waiting for our collective nourishment while giving like those before us

A deeply rooted presence never to give up on us

Even In our lagging of education

Our grandmothers’ gardens are the bedrock ever so peaceful even upon hollow grounds

Mother Earth embraces us while the waters cleanse us of our sins, stress & our deepest grieving

They reloved us - replenished our reverence, reconciled our reliefs

Resilience rivaled the current together we shine in brilliance

The wombs of our mothers rich with source

May our earth & ours be sacred

The roots & trees of existence

Cultures of our being always inter-related

An intertribal dance of all our Relations

May we all be in reason

Respected in understanding

Basked in Heart Speak Shine....

Sonicated In unity

reimagined & rebirthed reality

Fruited & flowered

given thanks made prayers beneath sun, moon & stars

Heart Speak Shine

Recharged our souls

So, our physical & spiritual caught up to the moment we arrive...

seasoned with wonder & pride

Ye old, Heart Speak Shine.

- Herbi M. Francis - Tatro


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