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2018 Akwesasne Holiday Helpers Annual Fundraiser


One lucky hubby, Big Boy, got a visit from his beautiful wife, Casie Garrow, while locked up.

By: Jaclyn Hall

On Friday, December 7th, The Hogansburg-Akwesasne Volunteer Fire Department was the place to be! The Annual Akwesasne Holiday Helpers Fundraiser was set up with several fundraising activities throughout the day. In the morning, a pancake breakfast was made for everyone to enjoy at $5.00 a plate. The Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Resort sponsored the breakfast fundraiser and as usual, Ron Lafrance was on site ready to whip up some delicious pancakes. Once the afternoon rolled around, it was time for some corn soup and fried bread at $5.00 a plate. Everett Lazore and Wahiahawi Fitch cooked up a storm and made sure community members were fed. Everyone enjoyed a nice hot meal with delivery being made available for community members unable to make their way to the event.

One of the main events of Annual Fundraiser was the "Jail and Bail" and this had many well-known community members locked up for a good cause. This is one of the only times being arrested and put behind bars benefits the community. So, it was no surprise everyone had a great time behind bars waiting for the community to help them make "Bail".

2018 Akwesasne Holiday Helpers Summoned:

Chief Eric Thompson $1,000

Chief Beverly Cook $1,000

Chief Michael Conners $1,000

Sub Chief Benjamin Herne $500

Sub Chief Shelley Jacobs $500

Sub Chief Sweets Jacobs $500

Tsiorasa Barrerio $500

Brendan White $200

Stacy Holcomb $200

Lillian Barton $200

Sam Benedict $200

Jamie Bay $200

Amanda Smart $200

Paulette White $200

Brian Herne $200

Mary Terrance $200

Michael Cook $500

Theresa Gardner $200

Dr. Park $200

Xochitl Rios $200

Erica Lagrow $200

Sherry Roundpoint $200

Ernie Thompson $200

Becky White $200

Colleen Thomas $500

Shawn Martin $200

Junior Ransom $200

Punchy Cook $200

Stephen Thompson $400

Allison Doctor $200

Brittany Bonaparte $200

Joe Lazore $400

Several hardworking Holiday Helpers stopped for a group photo (L to R) Agatha Thompson, Clarissa Terrance, Crystal Adams, Everett Lazore, Vicky Jock, Melissa Ward, Caroline Peters, Barbara Mitchell, Amya Leigh, Julia Back and Matt Rourke.

There was no shortage of holiday spirit with a Mohawk Auction set up throughout the day. Other types of fundraising efforts were set up throughout the room giving everyone a good chance of winning something. There was a 50/50 and Wagon of Cheer going on alongside the Mohawk Auction.

Several donors who helped to make the Annual Fundraiser such a huge success included: Bear's Den, Tarbell Management Group, Speedway Plaza and Twinleaf Stores who sponsored CKON's entire on-site broadcast.

"This year we wanted to try something different. We average around 1000 Christmas Baskets, each year. So, this year we set it at 1000 baskets, but instead of all the sides coming with the turkey, we are giving out a $25 gift card to Aldi's for residents in Tsi Snaihne, Kanatakon and the southern portion of Akwesasne. Residents on Kawehno:ke will receive a $35 gift card to No Frills. We need more volunteers, but for now we are trying something new and seeing how it all works out."

This year's Christmas Baskets will be purchased with the funds raised during the Annual Akwesasne Holiday Helper Fundraising event. Annual distribution is planned to take place the following week.


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