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Editor – Indian Time

Some three decades back I was extended famous Akwesasne hospitality and wish to repay the favor. After travelling the world to help nature.

From the Andes of South America, the Inca were some of the planet’s finest farmers who used to energize their seed before planting it. This can be done with magnets today under the seed for under an hour, or magnetizing the water on the plant.

Natural seed varieties can be obtained from Seed Savers Exchange of Decorah, Iowa or Richter’s Seeds of Goodwood, Ontario. No chemicals necessary. Enjoy!

To nutrify your atmosphere, steel tubes hanging in the wind or rocked on water, create magnetic tone which builds oxygen levels good for all.

Good food is the best medicine.

Do not use painted or coated materials. May your gardens bloom and all health improve.

You once helped me and now I wish to return the favor.

In the spirit of Crazy Horse, let us be sane.

Grey Bear


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