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Win-Win situation at Border... really?


Letter to the Editor

July 23, 2018

Win-Win situation at Border...


The US customs has announced a new pilot program to speed up border crossings for Mohawk residents of Akwesasne and consider it Win-Win for them and us, so they say.

What happened to our original request, what about our own lane? What happened to the border being 15 ft. above our heads? We were meant to travel freely within our community north and south and beyond. We must not forget that we are North American Indians!

I would not categorize this as win-win but a further eroding or loss of our Indian rights. Mr. Abram Benedict though, seems to think it’s a swell idea. His logic is that we are 70% of traffic so if we all show our licenses then we’ll have a 70% faster time going through the border. Whose side is he on? Since when do the US and Canadian Border do things to make it easier and better for us? At least the Tribal Govt gave a no comment. Any way you look at it, the less we use our “Red” Card and “Indian status card” the more likely we will lose all that it stands for. It seems to me we are giving away bits and pieces of our rights so that customs officers don’t have to manually type in our names, what a deal (not!). Who’s the winner?

I’d rather wait in line than be part of the demolition of our inalienable rights. I am a North American Indian.

Helen Benedict


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