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Indian Time welcomes our newest Timekeepers: Ioteneráhtatenion and Karihwénhawe.

Indian Time is pleased to announce Dorothy Karihwénhawe Lazore and Mary Ioteneráhtatenion Arquette as new Indian Time staff members. Thanks to a grant from the Akwesasne Community Trust Fund, Karihwénhawe and Ioteneráhtatenion will translate two to three current Indian Time articles from English to Kanien'kéha.

With an increasing number of Akwesasronon speaking, reading and writing in Kanien'kéha, Indian Time wants to strengthen this undertaking by encouraging our readers to read our most timely articles in our own language.

Dorothy Karihwénhawe Lazore is a fluent speaker, reads and writes in Kanien'kéha and she has an extensive background in teaching, training, instructing, curriculum writing and translating. She is well known across Canada and throughout Turtle Island. Karihwénhawe has received numerous awards for her dedication and commitment to the revitalization of Kanien'kéha.

Mary Ioteneráhtatenion Arquette, DVM/PHD has fifteen years experience of desktop publishing Kanien'kéha language lessons and books, audio recordings and editing in the Mohawk language. She recently completed the Akwesasne Cultural Restoration Program as a Master Teacher, Horticulture and Traditional Foods.

Karihwénhawe and Ioteneráhtatenion will translate a variety of Indian Time articles including the latest news, community news and environment news.

This project is funded by the Akwesasne Community Trust Fund.


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