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First Communion Celebration

Congratulations to the St. Regis Mission First Communion Class of 2018


Submitted by Laura Morris, Religious Education Coordinator

My Communion Prayer * Dear God, I know that You give me many gifts. The gift of Your Son, Jesus Christ in Holy Communion is the greatest of all. How can I ever thank You enough for this special gift? At Mass we are called to be like Jesus, by loving and serving one another in the world. As I become more like Him, please continue to help me. Show me the places and ways that I can bring Your love, kindness, and peace to my family, in my neighborhood, in my community, with my friends. I ask this in Jesus' name. Amen.

Dear Lord, we ask that you pray for us who received the Holy Eucharist at your holy table for the first time on Sunday, May 6th, 2018.

Josiah Alexander Benedict, Chuya Cook, Adeline Dale Fontaine, Silver Rose Francis, Cody Richard Gray, Gertrude Margaret Gray, Serenity Michael Sequin Jacco, Shiloh Terese Jacco, Jack Mitchell Jackson, Phinleigh Pearl Jacobs, Clayden Robert James Johnson, Sarah Cecelia Massaro, Lorra Ann McDonald, Kyler Jase Mitchell, Peyton Stone Peters, Reegan Jade Peters, Bella Beatrice Ransom, Taya Julia Ransom, Brynlee Rain Roundpoint, Roryn Christopher John Roundpoint, Adrian Stewart Thompson, Liam Angus Thompson, Ryland Tyson Thompson-Roundpoint, Bryce William James Montour, Carl George Thompson, Allison Papineau and Madeline Papineau.

Heavenly Father, you are the source of life and love. Thank you for sending your Spirit upon our teachers, Connie Thompson, Jamie Ross, Valerie Garrow and Laura Morris, and your inspiration to them not only as teachers of your truth, but as witnesses of your love; for giving them the joy to proclaim the Good News of salvation and helping them see your will at work in their lives so that they may share it with others; for giving them the wisdom to teach and help us discover the mysteries of our faith in new and exciting ways so that our curiosity will inspire us to become your loyal disciples.

We pray to you, almighty Father, in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ the Master-Teacher, the Healer, and the Savior, and in unity with the Holy Spirit who inspires us with knowledge, courage, and understanding. Amen.

A sincere blessing and niawenko:wa to our entire church community who were witnesses to this holy celebration, and to those who could not be with us physically, but are there in spirit. Niawenko:wa to Father Jerome Pastores for the celebrations of First Penance and First Eucharist.


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