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Mahlon at the Movies Avengers: Infinity Wars


One of the most anticipated movies of the year has finally arrived and after seeing it, I can safely say that it is a good movie but emotionally draining. Without giving too much away, the movie is an ambitious crossover that was 10 years in the making by having over 20 characters in the film. One would think that this movie would be considered a mess with so many characters and only so much time to dedicate to each group. Yet the movie manages to balance them all by giving each group a chance to shine for the right amount of time, right before going to the next.

The story balances these characters in a way where they all have the same goal; to defeat Thanos and save the universe. However this time around, Thanos is a powerful being that is more formidable than any villain ever faced. He’s also probably my favorite of all the Marvel villains for reasons I will not spoil here but that being said: I hate Thanos so much that when he explains his motivations for why he’s collecting the infinity stones, I understood where he was coming from but I still wanted the heroes to succeed in stopping him.

In fact, it seemed like Marvel Studios brought its best to the movie, the special effects and fights are effectively creative, especially when magic is used. It great seeing these characters working off each other, as well as using their powers to help each other in the fight. Of course the main attraction is seeing all these heroes interact and the movie knows this, so they give a chance to let each character stand out for their very short amount of screen time. Despite all the praise, the movie is not perfect, there are some jokes that stop the movie to a grinding halt and unfortunately the tone is much darker in terms of what Marvel films are usually known for. Overall this film was a roller coaster of action and emotionally draining, especially if you’ve been a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe since the beginning. So know that going in.

And I give this movie a 4 stars out of 5.


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