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People Must Be Free to Talk to Their Lawyer – The US Government Determined to Destroy Lawyer-Client Privilege by Raiding Trump's Lawyer's Office


We are living in a time in history where no one is safe from the over-powering presence of Big Government; In England the absolute power of the King of England was broken at a place called Runnymede on June 15, 1215. Previously the King and the Aristocracy had absolute power over individuals in society. People did not have any rights, except those given by the Sovereign Rulers. This power was absolute. The Magna Charta is called the Great Charter, and is the foundation of all English Constitutional Liberty. For the first time the King’s power was limited, by the Barons and the people of England.

There was a long history of battles between the Kings and the people in England, over control of government. The Parliamentary System was created, taking away the King’s absolute power. The Elected Parliament took power away from the King. The people had been freed from total government control. The other day something happened so profound, yet its real significance hasn’t yet sunk in. The average American still hasn’t grasped the dangers of this take-over by the prosecution of an important part of the court process. A sacred principle exists in law, stating that communications between a lawyer and his client is privileged information. This means the courts, the police, and the prosecutors have no right to invade this privilege. What is said between the lawyer and the client cannot be used as evidence in court. This is a sacred rule of law that has existed for over a thousand years.

The reason it exists is so clients can freely discuss confidential information with their lawyer without fear. The prosecution was not allowed to use these communications in court against the client.

In the making is a Totalitarian regime. Big Brother is trying to take over everything. All power is devolving to the State, which is actually run by a small un-elected ruling elite. Even what is said to lawyers won’t be safe, if we allow this take-over. We must stop it! Even way back in 1592, Shakespeare, stated in the play Henry VI, Part 2, that the only way to take over a country that is run by “the rule of law”, is ‘’the first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” The lawyer’s position as fighter for people’s rights had to be done away with by those taking over a country.

What happens to Donald Trump should frighten everybody. If the most powerful man in the world, the President of the United States, can have his personal communications with his lawyer invaded, then no one is safe. This is a man who is a billionaire, he is the President of the most powerful Country in the world, and he is not safe from those that would destroy him.

What protection does the average American have against this invasion of Privacy by these power hungry elite? It’s frightening.

Donald Trump is a giant among men. A wealthy billionaire, who gave up his privileged life to serve the people. The Secret Power Brokers, who actually control and run things want to destroy him. They do not want anyone in society to have any rights except the privileged few, who secretly run everything. He is a rebel, fighting this Cabal of Secret Power brokers, who want to take Donald Trump down.

Donald Trump is absolutely right when he says these raids on his lawyer, Michael Cohen’s offices, is ‘’an attack on the country.” It is actually an attack on every single citizen of the United States, because if they can do this to Donald Trump, no one is safe. This is a giant step in the set-up of an all-pervading Totalitarian Secret Society. Where the average citizen coming in conflict with the police will be stopped from freely speaking to their lawyer, Lawyers are supposed to speak the client’s words in court, against an all-powerful State run apparatus!

Do you agree with me these are dangerous times? We all know if it starts in the United States, the ‘’LAND OF THE FREE’’ this will soon invade all countries the world.



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