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CALL OUT FOR Raontiwennakara:tats (Prosecutor)

Akwesasne Tekaia’torehtha:ke (Akwesasne Court) DEADLINE: March 29, 2018 by 3:00 pm


The Akwesasne Tekaia’torehtha:ke (Akwesasne Court) is an inherent right court enacted by the Akwesasne community under the Akwesasne Tekaia’torehtha:ke Kaianerenhsera (Akwesasne Court Law). The Akwesasne Tekaia’torehtha:ke (Akwesasne Court) is seeking applications from qualified candidates to fulfill the duties of Raontiwennakara:tats (Prosecutor).

In general terms, the Raontiwennakara:tats (which means “they speak for the people”) reviews individual case files appearing on the Akwesasne Court docket, assesses case files for possible diversions, consults/confers with assigned duty counsel in dispensation of case files and/or sentencing, prosecutes Uniform Traffic Tickets, prosecutes other violations under Akwesasne Laws, prepares for and prosecutes offences in trials and hearings.

The Akwesasne Court sits every second Wednesday of the month with prosecutorial duties from 4:00pm until 8:00pm.

To qualify for appointment as the Raontiwennakara:tats for the Akwesasne Court a person must:

a) be twenty five (25) years of age or older;

b) be a person of good standing in the community;

c) have related post-secondary education or work experience in the field of advocacy;

d) not be an elected member of any political body within the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne (MCA) or Saint Regis Mohawk Tribal Council (SRMT) or a representative under the Mohawk Nation Council of Chiefs (MNCC);

e) not be a member of any board, commission or tribunal in Akwesasne Lands; and

f) not have ever been convicted of:

i. an offense under the Akwesasne Banishment Law, the Akwesasne Drug Law, an Akwesasne Law related to the environment;

ii. of an indictable offense in Canada, except for those indictable offenses pertaining to preservation of community or native rights; or

iii. a felony in the United States, except for those felonies pertaining to preservation of community or native rights;

g) must follow the principles and values set out within the Akwesasne Court Law.

If interested please submit a letter outlining your qualification and interest to or by dropping off your letter at the Akwesasne Court, Attention: Court Clerk.


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