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Robbery in Frogtown


Gary White and Sheila Ransom make a trip every year to a basket show. This year they returned home to discover Gary didn’t need keys to unlock his door--it was already busted open. Sheila recalls most of the house not looking like it had been broke into. It wasn’t messy or damaged but when Gary went to the cellar he found the gun cabinet door open, which is always closed, and the guns missing. In total three guns and two diamond rings were taken.

Sheila is horrified. She explained to me that she regularly travels to Syracuse hospital and Gary always drives her. They stay overnight because it’s so tiring for Sheila to make the trip in one day. She explained “am I going to have to do it in one day now, or get a house sitter? It’s scary, what if we would have been home? A car was in the yard and a light was on in the living room so it looked like we were home, so brazen and bold they were. You’re afraid to leave and afraid to stay at home too.”

Gary and Sheila want the community to know what is going on. They believe drugs are the root of all these problems. Gary said, “It was a bummer to come home to this, it’s happening all over. We want the public to know, and maybe somebody will see the items and we can get them back.”

The items taken are:

Ruger 10/22 with a green and gray laminated wood stock

870 Remington Pump with a wood stock

10 Gauge Savage Pump shot gun with a polymer stock

Yellow gold ring with about 7 diamonds

White gold pinky ring with about 10 diamonds

Anyone with any information please call the Tribal Police, they are investigating the incident.


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blackdiamond writes:

What a sad story...and the saddest part is that it's happening more and more...let's do something about this!


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