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A Small Bit of Info on the New York State Power Authority


The NYSPA is the ultimate “Indian giver”.  We, as a community, have an absolute right to Niionenhiaseko:wane (Barnhart Island).  It was never sold to anyone.  It is ours as are the waters, which flow on both sides of the island. We have a right to demand a fair percentage of the profits generated from the St. Lawrence Power Dam.  We made a huge mistake when we agreed not to challenge the licensing of the dam.  In 1988 we estimated we could have assessed an annual fee of over $33,000,000 for the use of our land and water.  That amount would be almost tripled by now. The five megawatts of electricity NYSPA “promised” our people is enough to provide for the needs of over 4,500 homes.  By rights no family at Akwesasne should pay anything for electricity.  No family should pay a dime to heat their homes nor should any business pay for power.  That which we do not use can be resold at a very good profit. Now the question needs to be asked: Why are none of our councils moving aggressively to address this issue?  Remember the old saying: power concedes nothing without a demand. We need a physical presence at Niionenhiaseko:wane to add strength to our words.


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