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Book: The Smart One and the Pretty One

Author: Claire LaZeknik


The book I read this week is a story about the bond between two sisters and the common relationship that is a result of one being the protector, and one the rebel. I found this book to be a really interesting page turner.

Ava Nickerson, the smart successful business woman, has been taking care of her younger sister since before she could remember. Lauren Nickerson is the much prettier and less responsible of the two sisters. When Ava tries to meddle in Lauren’s finances because of her radical use of her money and resulting debt, Lauren is quick to seek revenge. Lauren stumbles upon a contract made under the influence by her mother and their neighbor betrothing Ava to their neighbor’s son Russell Markowitz. Lauren sees her opportunity to get back at her sister and pushes them into meeting. As Ava begins to get to know Russell, she finds herself liking him more then she wants to admit and feeling more insecure then she ever has.

This is a really good read. Its realistic use of family and romantic relationships makes it a page turner that you won’t want to end. I recommend this book to any adult who likes a good story about the love between two people and family.


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