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Thank you, from the family of Ernest Cook


Thank you, from the family of Ernest Cook

Our family would like to thank everyone who came to visit while our Papa was sick, he really and truly enjoyed your visits - especially all the stories and laughs that were shared. These visits were so important to him.

We will miss his laughter, and the smirk that was displayed after playing a joke on us. The war stories that he just recently started to share with us. The funny stories from working at the Plant. The best one I liked was when he and Erin were working on top of the water tower and he decided to start singing in Mohawk and Erin started jigging! He said that they almost got fired!

Thank you to all who brought the delicious food, the cards, flowers, and everyone who came to give sympathy. To everyone who called to give their condolences. To the St. Regis Tribe, and to the American Legion for the honor paid to our Dad, and the Auxiliary for all their hard work, you are all the best.

Dr. Anji Baghett and her staff, we are so grateful for all those years of dedication. And also the Alice Hyde Hospital and staff for taking such good care of our Dad. A special thanks to Mary Growe for all your help, we couldn’t have done it without you. We cannot forget you folks at the Northern Ambulance Service, you’re great!

To Linda Jacobs and Father Belgarde for your support, and Minerva for the beautiful music during the Mass. To the North Country Hospice for all the help that you gave the family (and all hour-of-the-night visits), many thanks to all of you.

To Diane Garrow for spending that most critical day with me, my Dad would be so grateful. A special thank you to my friends in Syracuse (Sondra, Madalyn, Polly, and Jerome) for taking the time to be with us. And to Greg Herne who has always been there for all those years and on call 24-7, (keep up the good work!), love ya!

PaPa would have been so proud to see his grandchildren taking him to his final resting place: Jerry Swamp, Jamie, Presley, and Ruben Oakes, Dylan Ryan and Brandon Cooke.

We know PaPa is up there somewhere, probably building “wishing wells” or “bird houses”, if not, then he’s probably got everyone playing bingo or feeding the slot machines! Then again, he might just be catching up on old times with his family and friends whom he missed so much that went before him—or, he might just be resting.

Again thank you, from Lois, Uncle Buddy, Uncle Jimmy, Randy, Jeff, Curtis, Andria, Ernestine, Marilyn, Nancy, Bulah, and their families.


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