Basic Call to Consciousness

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    In September 1977, the Haudensosaunee presented the papers in this book to the Non-Governmental Organizations of the United Nations of Geneva, Switzerland. The Non-Governmental Organizations had asked for papers describing the conditions of oppression suffered by Native People in the Americas. These position papers convey the point of view of the Natural People of the Planet.: Human beings are abusing one another, the planet they live on, and their own individual persons. The destruction of the Natural World and its peoples is the clearest indicator of mankind's spiritual poverty. This is a Address tot he Western World. which clearly identifies Western Civilization as the very process of that abuse of humanity and nature. The Haudensaunee position is delivered from a perspective which sees The People with historical roots extending back tens of thousands of years. It is a geological kind of perspective, in which modern man is an infant, occupying a mere speck of time in the vast spectrum of human experience. It is, in a way, the modern world seen Pleistocene eyes. This is a call foe consciousness of the Sacred Web of Life in the Universe.


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