Mohawk Council of Akwesasne Environment Program Hosts World Wetlands Day


Kiera Pyke sitting with Owen Mitchell, the organizer of this event, handing out informational pamphlets at the door.

Last Thursday, February 2th, the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne Environment program hosted their annual celebration for World of Wetlands Day. This event is celebrated worldwide and is a great way to make the community aware of the importance of wetlands. This event got together local outdoor environment organizations to come out and share their projects that they have been working on. There were about ten different environmental organizations that came together for this event from all over the community. There was also a premiering of a video documentary that showed the "Great Clean Up", and demonstrated how the communities came together to hold five events during the summer to clean the river of garbage. Around 12 tons of garbage was removed from the river over the course of these events. In the future they are planning on having this done in more locations to continue to stress the importance of wetlands and protecting our mother earth.

Tyne Gov from the South Nation Conservation of Ontario provided information about the conserving and improving of the quality of our water.


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