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Dear Editor,

I wish to inform all of the people of all of Akwesasne of my resignation due to what I consider really bad treatment placed upon my co-worker and myself (Bob Stevenson) as the Coordinators of the Thompson Island Youth and Elders Cultural Camp. Especially for the last six (6) years by the Mohawk Council through their so called Department of “Tehotiiennawakon” and “management”! I have been in Akwesasne for thirty-one (31) years, I have been working through the Mohawk Council Environment Department for twenty-six (26) years, and most of those years, over twenty (20), I have been working, building, and as Coordinator of the Camps.

I am very thankful to have worked for the Youth and Elders and the people of Akwesasne on both sides of the border. I am very grateful to the past leadership of the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne before six (6) years ago to have worked with them towards establishing a Youth and Elders Camp for all the world to see.

We have been struggling to survive at the camp for six (6) years under the “leadership” of the newly created poor Department of “Tehotiiennawakon”. To the point that early last year when the new Executive Director of the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne began his position we asked him to take us out of that department’s environment and to please put us into a place where we could be happy to work with proper respect in the workplace, which we saw as not happening any more for us and to many of our friends and colleagues. Needless to say, he totally ignored our business plan and proposals of our wishes and then when he got tired of my emails and questions to him and to the Chiefs he cut off my twenty-six (26) year email services within the Mohawk Council to try and muzzle me!

What does that tell you of proper leadership or the lack of such?!

Within the last year or so six (6) of our friends and colleagues have decided to quit or move on away from the offices of that “Tehotiiennawakon” Department which now totals at least nineteen (19) really good MCA employees (with my co-worker and I included) who have now been put by the wayside through some feeble or poor excuse by that poorly managed MCA Department of “Tehotiiennawakon” where very few employees work together!

That and twenty (20) or so other reasons is why I too have decided to quit that Department after many, many times asking all of the Chiefs by emails to please help us solve this problem. However they too have had deaf ears towards us!

Which leads me to say that I have NO CONFIDENCE in the Director of the Department of Tehotiiennawakon”, the Executive Director of the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne and some of the MCA Chiefs!

Should things change for the better for us and for the people of Akwesasne “on the Canadian side”, I’m sure that my co-workers and I will be glad to go back to work for the people and for the Thompson Island Youth and Elders Cultural Camp. Best wishes to you all!

Niawenko:wa, Bob Stevenson


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