Memorial Service for Richard Adams


I would like to inform all family and friends that a memorial service for my brother, Richard Adams, is being arranged for April 5, 2018 at 5:00pm at the St. Regis Catholic Church. It is with great despair that my parents needed to make this decision. The stress has been incredible, the grief intense, the anguish and heart break paralyzing to say the least. Hoping for information on my brother's whereabouts, day after day, has taken a toll on my parents' health and well being. This uncertainty, pain and isolation felt by Richard's family is unimaginable to those who haven't experienced it and the possibilities are haunting to those who have. It's like nurturing a wound that cannot heal. This is a rare type of loss unlike any other kind of grief because it doesn't resolve itself and the mind refuses to let go of hope. You don't know whether to grieve and move on or cling for hope with no certainty of ever being freed from the waiting. Learning how to cope when there is no closure has become our family's greatest challenge. Even though our greatest wish is for Richard to return home and be reunited with his family, that possibility is no longer our reality. Therefore, to regain any sort of well being this type of closure was deemed absolutely necessary. We need to find a way to release this unrelenting anguish and helplessness that our family has been enduring for the past 9 years. In our culture, there are certain rituals to help a person process the grief, but with a missing person, any ritual, burial or memorial is purely symbolic. To help ease the minds of the ones left behind, my parents felt a strong desire to celebrate the life of their first born child, therefore, there is no better day to celebrate than the day of his birth. Please join us in celebrating the life of my parents' son, my brother, dad to 6 sons, grandfather to 4, nephew to many and uncle/great uncle to 12 nieces & nephews on his birthday, April 5th. A dinner will follow at the Snye Recreation Center. We thank everyone who has supported and loved our family during this trying time in our lives especially to those that stood with us during our search efforts. We will always remember.


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