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CAA Management is constantly on the lookout to add more talented individuals to our team!

The ideal candidates should have excellent communication skills and maintain a positive, friendly attitude toward team members and customers

Position - IPM Lead

Company - Seven Leaf

The IPM Tech is responsible for implementing all Integrated Pest Management activities. Activities include monitoring the cultivation area and crop, evaluating for signs and symptoms of pests and diseases while working closely with the Cultivation Manager to improve the IPM plan for Seven Leaf continually. This position will implement measures and apply controls to minimize the risk of damage to our plants and ensure quality products are available to meet company standards and customer demands. This role requires a commitment to the overall objective and self-development within the Company.

Position - Front-of-House Supervisor

Company - Twin Leaf Diner Fort Covington

The FOH Supervisor coordinates the daily management operations for the front-of-house restaurant and Grab N Go teams. They ensure efficient operation while maintaining a high level of productivity, quality, and customer service standards. Respond efficiently and accurately to customer complaints and inquiries. They lead, by example, developing standards for all front-of-house team members. Responsible for training, supervising, and motivating staff in a fast-paced environment, ensuring our restaurant and Grab N Go runs smoothly. Must be able to work in collaboration with the Back-of-House Manager, Director of Food and Beverage, and Store Manager in planning overall restaurant objectives.

Position - Line Cook

Company - Twin Leaf Diner Fort Covington

The Line Cook is responsible for the daily preparation of food items in the pantry, fry station, grill, and other areas of the kitchen. This position is in a fast-pace environment with a high volume of customers during peak times. It requires an individual who is able to take direction, and can work calmly and effectively under pressure to ensure customer satisfaction. You will be provided with high quality products, and the necessary tools and equipment to complete your duties. To perform this job successfully an individual must be able to perform the following duties satisfactorily.

Position - Server (Full-Time)

Company - Twin Leaf Restaurant Fort Covington & Akwesasne

The Server will be responsible for the accuracy of the entire order, operating POS system, maintaining a positive & customer-focused attitude

Position - Dishwasher

Company - Twin Leaf Restaurant (Fort Covington & Akwesasne)

Responsible for cleaning soiled dishware as well as restocking shelves with clean items. This position is in a fast-paced environment with a high volume of customers during peak times.

Position - Lead Carpenter

Company - Akwesasne Earth Movers

The lead carpenter’s responsibilities include assigning and explaining tasks to the project team, responding to management requests for emergency repairs, and regularly inspecting work done by the project team to ensure that it conforms to certain specifications.

Position - Operator

Company - Akwesasne Earth Movers

Responsible for the operation of various pieces of equipment to clear, demo, excavate, and move earth matter for both residential and commercial earthwork jobs.

Position - Grab n Go Food Prep (full time)

Company - Fort Covington Diner

As Grab N Go/Diner Food Prep you will assist in the preparation of items in the kitchen that are needed daily to make Diner’s menu and Grab n Go dishes. You will perform routine kitchen tasks under the guidance of the Senior BOH Manager through the prep list provided to you each day. Tasks to include, but not limited to, weighing items, chopping, cutting, portioning, creating soups and sauce.

Enjoy a flexible work environment that is the perfect blend of work and fun! You will be empowered to achieve work-life balance in all that you do. Apply online at caamgmt.com/find-a-job/

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