A Voice from the Eastern Door

2024 Annual Memorial Day Parade

Akwesasne came together in a heartfelt display of respect and honor during the annual Memorial Day Parade. The event was marked by a significant presence of veterans, who were the focal point of the day's tributes.

Throughout the parade, the Hogansburg Akwesasne Volunteer Fire Department and local law enforcement were prominently featured, underscoring their respected roles within the community. Their participation highlighted Akwesasne's deep appreciation for those who serve and protect, both at home and abroad.

The atmosphere was one of reverence and communal pride as residents of all ages gathered to acknowledge the contributions and sacrifices of their veterans. The parade provided a moment for the community to reflect on the service and dedication of its members.

The day concluded with a collective sense of gratitude, leaving a lasting impression of unity and respect among the attendees.


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