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Man With Ties to Kahnawake Makes Appearance On Jeopardy

By Isaac White

Vince Bacani, a Montreal risk manager had the opportunity of a lifetime when he appeared on the long-running game show Jeopardy January 17.

Bacani, is an organ player for the Mohawk Choir at the St. Francis Xavier Church. He has been accompanying the Choir on Sundays since September 2021. He made guest appearances on two episodes of the popular game show that have now aired and can be seen on replay through various outlets.

The first-night Bacani emerged victorious in his first appearance on Tuesday January 17th. On Wednesday, January 18, 2023, one-day champion Vince Bacani competed again on Jeopardy to defend his title against two new contestants. Unfortunately Mr. Bacani didn’t take home the victory for a second night.

Thousands of hopeful individuals wishing to be contestants on Jeopardy go through the process of applying for a position as a contestant. Getting through to the actual show is a tough process and Bacani explained some of that to Iorì:wase.

“I’ve been watching since Alex Trebek in the ‘80s,” Bacani told Iorì:wase. “I’ve been trying to get onto Jeopardy since 2016.”

Taking the Jeopardy Anytime Test Online was his first step. He continued with Iorì:wase, “It’s 50-questions and you can only do it once a year,” Bacani said. “You have to prepare. You get one shot and if you blow it you have to wait a year.”

Although Mr. Bacani didn’t put together a longer win streak he brought home about $15,000.


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