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Last week was the first newspaper posting in an exceptionally long time. I had mentioned I formed a "Team" and we have plans for the ASD families in Akwesasne. We are in contact on a weekly basis for brainstorming and informational sessions. I was hoping to update them with community contact from last week's posting, however, I had not received any emails or calls for any interest in a committee. Which is okay, things are not expected to happen overnight. When it happens, it will happen.

I will repost this request and post any other Autism Spectrum Disorder information.

There are tons of information that needs to be gathered from the community. Information such as: Has child been diagnosed. What was diagnoses? What type of need is required? What is the severity? What is the age of child(ren)? What services are you getting for your child in Akwesasne (Northern & Southern Portion)? Are these services monetary, therapy, travel, respite, medical, etc. What services are you currently accessing? What services are you waiting for? If you are accessing services outside of Akwesasne (Northern & Southern Portion), where? What types of services are you accessing outside Akwesasne? Are you receiving ALL monetary governmental funds available in Canada for disabilities?

This is critical information that will be gathered to help us determine a demand for a special needs center in Akwesasne, and surrounding areas. The main priority is Akwesasne first, then surrounding areas will participate in the survey as well.

Personally, I would like to have a special needs center in Akwesasne, and eventually available to our "neighboring communities". I have been through many challenges here in Akwesasne to receive services. There are no qualified or certified therapists in Akwesasne, which took us off the territory to pay out of pocket for private services. There are no qualified respite services in Akwesasne. There is truly little offered within our territory and that is very frustrating, exhausting and wrong. There is no awareness. There is no proper care, or respect shown to them within our community. I have worked nine years as an advocate for my Autistic son, I am proud of the obstacles WE both have achieved. I would now like to help those within Akwesasne overcome some of these obstacles.

I would like to form a committee that has the heart, understanding, willingness to learn, eagerness to devote time and effort into building Akwesasne Autism Spectrum Disorder therapy center.

I encourage parents, families, educators, nurses, doctors, directors, managers, financial, and leaders to join our committee. I will be available for questions &/or concerns at:

Fawn Cole

Home Phone # 613-933-6730

Email address:

Nia:wen Ko:wa


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