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Gathering Guidance: Mask Wearing and Social Distancing Prevents COVID-19


Canton, NY. Summer activities are in full swing and educational institutions at all levels are preparing to re-open across the county. Now is the time to maintain our attentiveness and continued collective efforts to wear masks, social distance, and avoid large non-essential gatherings. “Response efforts take the entire community. With all of us working together, we will be able to maintain and build upon the progress that we have made to keep our infections and cases requiring hospitalization low,” said Dana McGuire, St. Lawrence County Public Health Director.

It has been a month since New York State directed full enforcement of face masks in businesses and enhanced social distancing rules to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. The St. Lawrence County Public Health Department thanks county residents, community partners, and businesses for their support of the health and safety measures mandated by New York State. “For the past two weeks, St. Lawrence County has been in an excellent position with a low rate of new infections”, said McGuire. While the month of July saw more new cases (40) and hospitalizations (8) as compared to June (12 cases, 1 hospitalization), since August 1st, the county has reported only 4 new COVID-19 cases. Additionally, the county currently has no active cases.

McGuire states that limiting exposure to other people and limiting social gatherings continues to be important. She advises residents to “keep your circle small” - a phrase she credits to her colleagues at Cayuga County Public Health Department.

“Wear a mask, practice safe distancing, and wash your hands. Monitor yourself - be aware of how you feel. Stay home if you are sick and stay local,” McGuire said. “If we all remember to practice these recommendations and limit gatherings outside of our own households, we can prevent exposure to and the spread of COVID-19.”


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