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St. Regis Mohawk Senior Center


Let us know if you need our assistance, we will keep trying our best to help!


Aug. 1st-Cecil M. Garrow

Aug. 2nd-Margaret Revier, Donna Mae Dumville & Beverly Cook

Aug. 3rd-Iris Herne & Ronald Garrow

Aug. 4th-Nancy Raville & Iona Castagnier

Aug. 5th-Valerie Garrow & Linda Montour

Aug. 6th-Ben Tarbell & Donna Delormier

Aug. 7th-Gerald Ghostlaw

Aug. 8th-Alice Jock

Aug. 9th-Carol Ann Thompson

Aug. 10th-Krystal Hallman, Patricia D. Rubado, Debbie Cook-Jacobs & Carol Francis

Aug. 11th- Sylvia Beeson & Shirley Brown

Aug. 12th- Brian Thomas & Elizabeth Clary


If you received Farmer’s Market Coupons-

Must use checks at market between June1st and November 30th

Must only use checks with participating FMNP farmers and at authorized markets.

Must not use old FMNP checks. This will affect the farmer’s ability to get reimbursed.

Will not receive cash exchange. Customers may not exchange an FMNP check for any amount of cash.

If the transaction includes both cash and FMNP checks, customers may receive change for the cash portion only.

May combine two or more FMNP checks to pay for foods.

Should treat the checks like cash in order to avoid loss or theft.

May select a proxy to use their check on their behalf.

The Senior Center is tentatively scheduled to re-open to the public in September 2020. While we are in a hurry to see all our elders, we also need to ensure their health, safety, and comfort. It will take us some time to meet all the requirements to re-open. In the meantime, keep an eye out for our new “Grab and Go” lunches and many other summer activities. For questions or for more information contact the Office for the Aging at 518-358-2963.


All events are cancelled until further notice


Visits slowly return with precautionary measures. For more information please contact Sue Smoke-Activity Director at Iakhihsohtha at 613-575-2507 ext. 3 or Teresa David-Activity Director at Tsiionkwanonhso:te at 613-932-1409 ext. 3


Home for the elderly





Call 613-938-0477 for updates


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