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Tsi Snaihne School Awards


Top L-R: Chuya Cook, Lexi Mitchell, Porter Oakes, Hayden Lazore-Terrance. Bottom L-R: Harli McDonald-Johnson, McKinleigh Francis-Chubb, Misty Anderson, Lori-Anne Terrance, Leilanni Casey, Dayton Mitchell.

Submitted by Tsi Snaihne School Staff

Tsi Snaihne School November 2019 Perfect Attendance

The following students have 100% attendance and on time arrival for the month of November.

Emily Crowley

Freya Crowley

Bennett David

Lori- Anne Terrance

Aryanna Johnson

Iehrakwenhawi Thompson

Autumn Phillips

Victoria Benedict

Cash Gray

Jackson Mitchell

Cansas Morris

Patience Arquette

Channing Morris

Levi Peters

Kirby Watson III

Trayven Back

Lawrence Lazore

Hayden Lazore-Terrance

Xavier Oakes

Grades 3 & 4 L-R: Kirby Watson III, Patience Arquette, Channing Morris, Levi Peters, Xavier Oakes, Hayden Lazore-Terrance, Trayven Back.

Stormy Casey

Cruz Lazore

Lexi Mitchell

Jay Montour

Travis Phillips

Kamri King

Jacorey Thompson-Arquette

Attendance in school creates good, positive habits as an adult and is shown to promote academic success. Nia:wenko:wa to the parents/guardians who make this possible for their children.

Each month the Tsi Snaihne School Attendance Team celebrates the Perfect Attendance students with special incentives. This month the Early Years students will go home with a gift card to share with their family and the students in Grade 1-7 will receive a delicious breakfast sandwich from Three Feathers Cafe. Three Feathers has been a long-time sponsor for the TSS Attendance Team incentives for students. We appreciate and thank them for their continued support.


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