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St. Regis Mohawk Senior Center



Aug. 1st-Cecil Garrow

Aug. 2nd-Margaret Ravier, Donna Mae Dumville & Beverly Cook

Aug. 3rd-Iris Herne & Ronald Garrow

Aug. 4th-Nancy Reville & Iona Castagnier

Aug. 5th-Linda Montour & Val Garrow

Aug. 6th-Benjamin Tarbell & Donna Delormier

Aug. 7th-Gerlad Ghostlaw

Aug. 8th-Alice Jock

Aug. 9th-Carol Ann Thompson & Ruthie Peters

Aug. 10th-Krystal Hallman, Patricia Rubado, Debbie Cook-Jacobs, Carol Francis & Elaine Durant

Aug. 11th-Sylvia Beeson & Shirley Brown


Aug. 1st – Walking Club-9:00-11:45; Dementia Program-11:00-12:00; Kanien’keha Class-12:30; Shopping-1:00; Aug. 2nd – Virtual Bowling-10:30; Aug. 5th – Exercise Class-10:00; Virtual Bowling-10:30; Bingo-1:00; Aug. 6th – Massage-8:20; Walking Club-9:00-11:45; Kanien’keha Class-12:30; Shopping-1:00; Aug. 7th – Exercise Class-10:00; Nutrition Bingo-11:00; Aug. 8th – Walking Club-9:00-11:45; Haircuts-10:00; Malone Fair-10:30; Kanien’keha Class-12:30; Shopping-1:00; Legal Aid-1:30


Home for the elderly


Community Bingo-Thursdays @ 6:30pm. Package cost- $10.00-single, double-$15.00 and triple-$20.00. For more information call 613-575-2507 ext. 1. Leave a message and someone will return your call.

Reminder: RSVP your attendance to all of our events if you will be joining your family member for lunch or supper before 10:00am so that they can make the proper adjustments. Thank you.



Smoke Dancers!

You are invited to a Social hosted by Tsiionkwanonhso:te Activity Program on August 12th at 2:30p.m. The NNATC Travel Troupe singers and DJ White (singer and dancer) will be in attendance. This is not a competition but a chance to ‘show your stuff’ in a friendly and welcoming environment. Refreshments will be available. For more information please call Teresa David @ 613-662-5655.

Can you help us to ‘make a dimes worth of difference’? The challenge is to fill a 2-litre bottle with dimes to make over $700! Bring your dimes to Tsiionkwanonhso:te and drop them in the bottle found at the front of our building. Proceeds will be used for a Resident Special Outing and Residents Christmas 2019.


Recreation staff cannot work seven days a week, and Residents enjoy playing Quarter Bingo every Saturday afternoon. Volunteers (of all ages) are welcome to sign up and spend some time with the Folks. You will receive training and orientation to implementing activity programs.

Call: 613-932-1409

“Residents do not live in our workplace, we [staff] work in the Residents’ home.” If you have any questions about Akwesasne’s long-term care facility, administration welcomes your call at 613.932.1409 for the Activity Director or like us on Facebook ‘friends of Tsiionkwanonhso:te’

Do you enjoy fundraising? Have ideas that need testing? Volunteers are needed for a fundraising committee at Tsiionkwanonhso:te.

Residents enjoy having musicians/bands/entertainers in their Home. This activity costs money. You could make a difference to individuals living their twilight years at Tsiionkwanonhso:te

For more information contact Volunteer Coordinator Teresa David @

The doors to Tsiionkwanonhso:te are always open and we would love to see you! Check us out on Facebook: “Friends of Tsiionkwanonhso:te”.



Akwesasne Tri-District Elders meet every Wednesday starting at 10am. Bingo after lunch at 12:45 and everyone is welcome. Bring a friend. Tuesdays and Thursdays 10am to 2pm quilting and crafts.


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