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An Editorial on Editorials


I truly believe everyone has a voice. Everyone has a story, many stories, and they need to be heard. I have a voice; as an individual, a woman, a mom, a sister, an aunt and definitely as a grandmother. As a community member. As an editor – I have a voice.

I started working at Indian Time in 2014. Since then I haven’t written but one Editorial. As an Editor of Indian Time, and as most editors chose to do – I could write an Editorial weekly. Yea, you can thank me now.

A few weeks back one of our reporters wrote a Guest Editorial. Since then, I’ve run into several community members asking why our reporter wrote “that article” and how when people see her name on the paper, people won’t buy the paper anymore. Our reporter didn’t write ‘that article’. She wrote a “Guest Editorial.” She’s written numerous articles for Indian Time and will continue to write timely, effective, community-member and community-centered articles for Indian Time newspaper.

An ‘Editorial’ as defined by Webster:

editorial noun

Definition of editorial: a newspaper or magazine article that gives the opinions of the editors or publishers

also: an expression of opinion that resembles such an article

Another definition as defined by

1. an article in a newspaper or other periodical or on a website presenting the opinion of the publisher, writer, or editor

The reporter’s Guest Editorial on the Dundee Land Claims was clearly marked in the ‘editorial’ section of the newspaper. She expressed her thoughts and feeling on the complicated issue. She used her voice.

I heard complaints about it in the weeks following and politely explained the difference between an Editorial and an article. I also offered that they too, could use their voice and write a Letter to the Editor as a rebuttal on this or any other subject. One person wrote a rebuttal, thank you.

Everyone has a voice. Indian Time is a community paper and we welcome your input. We also welcome your Letters to the Editor. Like any news media outlet, Indian Time Letters to the Editor follow certain guidelines, such as they cannot be anonymous. Also, Letters to the Editor may not be blatantly harmful to the welfare of the people in general.



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