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"Touchdown Drumsticks!"


By Gourmet May

On Sunday night, as the rest of the world watched Super Bowl LIII, I was home alone thinking of what to make for my weekly meal prep. Sundays are my cooking days where I make a healthy lunch for four days ahead of time. It helps me save money, stay on a healthy diet, and I don’t have to think about what to get, or where to go for lunch.

I had bought a package of chicken drumsticks when they were on sale and took them out because I thought we might make use of them for a Super Bowl party. We didn’t. So, I am now faced with the challenge of cooking these giant things before they go bad, all by myself.

I head over to my cookbook, I mean Pinterest, and search Instant Pot Drumsticks. I find a tasty looking recipe for Honey Garlic Drumsticks and I think I have all the ingredients: honey, ketchup, soy sauce, garlic, water and cornstarch. I can do this!

First, I sauté the drumsticks a little in the Instant Pot. I have to do two batches because I have eight drumsticks and they will not all fit at the same time. While that is happening, I mix the sauce and set aside. Once all drumsticks are browned, I put all eight back in the Instant Pot and cover with sauce. I set the Instant Pot to Manual Mode for 20 minutes. Manual Mode is the same as Pressure Cooking, I think. While the Instant Pot is blasting off some steam, I also have quinoa in the rice cooker and vegetables roasting in the oven. Quinoa is like rice, except it is actually a seed. It expands twice its size and has the same texture as rice when cooked. Quinoa is high in protein and has nine essential amino acids, which means it is good for you and healthier than rice, too. After twenty minutes I am concerned that the Instant Pot did not seem to seal during pressure cooking. I use a cheese grater to put some distance between myself and the Instant Pot to turn the pressure release valve. I wait for the steam to stop before I open and check on the drumsticks inside. Cooked to perfection and juicy! Tastes just like chicken barbeque. But I am not done yet. There is a bunch of sauce inside the pot, more than I added to start. That is what the cornstarch and water was for, I see. I take out the drumsticks and turn the Instant Pot back to sauté. While the remaining sauce gets nice and hot, I add the cornstarch mixture and whisk until it bubbles and thickens. I pour some of this sauce on top of the drumsticks and put everything into four storage containers. In 20 minutes and I have made myself lunch for the next four days. There is still a lot of sauce in the bottom of the Instant Pot and I am not too sure what to do with it. Do I save it for later or just toss it out? I think I will just clean out the Instant Pot in the morning. For right now, my kitchen kind of smells like winner-winner-chicken-dinner on game day.


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