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Breaking news: Washington Post Journalist Jamal Khashoggi is missing and presumed dead, at the hands of Prince of Saudi Arabia.

1. Initially it was a volcanic eruption by the "Donald" with comments – "A very severe consequence if the Saudis are found to be responsible." 30 minutes later it's, "I would love if the Prince was not at fault. As he is a very good ally of the U.S." And, a recent deal made by his son-in-law Kushner, for sale of arms and munitions worth billions could be in jeopardy.

2. Change his tune and reports, there has been a "deception" of "fake news" and "lies." Again he shows his admiration for the dictators in the world. Remember Hillary C. in 2016. "He's an Idiot! Unfit to be Prez." Mr. Khashoggi was accused of promoting democracy in the Prince's Arab world. No free – speech???


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