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Snye Recreation Hosts 14th Annual Christmas Enchantment


Kasewaien's Grade 2 class gather for a group photo before leaving Christmas Enchantment.

By: Jaclyn Hall

The Snye Recreation Committee organized one of the most anticipated events of the season, their Annual Christmas Enchantment. The event took place over a 4-day period beginning November 8th to the 11th, giving Akwesasne plenty of time to get into the Christmas spirit. Beginning on Thursday November 8th, the Snye Recreation invited the elders to be the first ones to come and enjoy the beautiful set up and try their luck at winning one of the Christmas Enchantment trees. Several of the local law enforcement agencies gave a helping hand and served the elders their meals with a smile.

On Friday, students from the three AMBE schools enjoyed some time out of the school day to place their lucky tickets at the trees they wanted for their own. Beginning in the morning, students were bussed to the Snye Recreation, one class at a time. Once students finished looking at the trees, they were treated to a snack before heading back to school.

Christmas Enchantment was officially opened to the public on Friday evening, drawing in many from Akwesasne and the surrounding areas. For the next two days, hundreds flocked in to enjoy the winter wonderland and do some Christmas shopping. With local vendors set up in the Recreation and the Fire Hall, there was plenty of selection for shoppers. For those just wanted to try their luck, a Mohawk Auction was set up alongside the vendors. Children got to enjoy the Secret Santa's workshop, where no grown-ups were allowed.

On Sunday, at 4 pm, the drawings for all the decorated themed trees took place. With a total of 53 themed trees, plenty of families left the Snye Rec ready and set for Christmas. As well, there were 10 door prizes for $500 drawn, along with two quilts. Altogether, 65 winners were drawn on Sunday evening.

One organizer, Mae Green stated, "On behalf of the committee, I would like to thank the community and surrounding areas for attending Christmas Enchantment. Without your continued support, our annual fundraiser would not be the success that it is today. Also, to the family and friends of the Recreation, our local government agencies, and businesses who so graciously donate a tree. This year we have a total 53 trees, the most we've ever had. This past summer, we did two big projects. One being the lacrosse box at a cost of approximately $200,000.00. We finally have our splash pad at a cost of $180,000.00. Both projects are almost complete. The funds raised over the weekend will be put towards completing both projects in the spring.

Special thanks to the kitchen staff, who keep everyone fed all weekend. The ticket sellers for trees and quilts. The workers in the Secret Santa Shop, the Mohawk Auction all the way to the elves who come in and clean at night. To CKON, who sponsored the Elder's luncheon and children's snacks. This year both days were well attended. We had about 250 Elders and 400 students attend this year. Last but not least, the guys outside who did a great job assisting everyone with parking."

Once everything was said and done, the winners were called to pick up their winnings. Everyone left Christmas Enchantment in the holiday spirit, whether or not they won a tree or a prize. That's the best thing about community events such as this, you get to see people you haven't seen in a long time. Just the thought of winning something like a new washer and dryer, bedroom set or all the toys your children could want brings out our inner child who believes anything is possible. Every year Christmas Enchantment gets bigger and better, leaving everyone even more excited for next year's Annual Christmas Enchantment.

This year's winners:

Akwesasne Homemakers – Kevin Nichols

Canadians Tree – Craig Hendricks

Smart Home Tree – Karahkwas Doxtator

Toronto Maple Leafs – Brenda Black

Unicorn Tree – Sharon Boots

Shopkin Tree – Jennalee Wylie

Barbie Tree – Gina Jones Thompson

Trolls Tree – Elaine McCloud

Snowman Tree – Donnelda Bouchard

Game Tree – Robert White

Native American Tree – Tristan Gibson

Akwesasne Support Group Tree – Crystal Adams

James E. Lazore Tree – Patti Cunningham

Family fun Tree – Sienna Wheeler

Mickey Tree – Rochelle Sunday

Holiday Inflatables Tree – Caroline Werloy

Elf Magic Tree – Nevada King Borsellino

Game Tree #2 – Becky Valance

CRJ Tree – Maddie Square

Willie Wonka Tree – Mera Gamble

Toronto/Boston Tree – Natalia White

Teen Girls' Tree – Elaine Thompson

Tommy Bear & Angus Adams Tree – Pete Burns

Simon King & Hubert Rourke – James Lazore

Pokémon Tree – Tehanonsakonion Thompson

Divalissa Tree – Bradley Lazore

Lol Tree – Rhonda King

MCA Tree – Jadyn Cook

Barbie & Hot Wheels Tree – Kathy Hurry

Thanksgiving Tree – Agnes McDonald

Superhero Tree – Holly Loran

Men's Tree – Megan McDonald

Glenda Benedict Tree – Dana Green

ABGC Tree – Dea Boots

American Girl Tree – Elisha Thompson

Hoss Mitchell Tree – Ava Herne

Native Tree – Billie Jo Phillips

Santa Retro Coffee Tree – Joslyn Bay

Grinch Tree – Courtney Oakes

Peters Memorial Tree – Stephanie Fredneburg

Washer & Dryer Tree – Chris Lazare

Boys Dinosaur Tree – Tara David

Bears Den Tree – Leighann Neff

Buy Local Tree – Dorothy Yondo

Students from the Skawatsira Program got their chance to choose their favourite tree, (L to R) Wehniseroktha Ward, Karoniahawi Thompson, Ranenrine Papineau.

CAA Management Tree – Renee Jock

Teen Boys Tree – Rene Cook

Pioneer Woman Tree – Kelly Head

Guzzy - Native tree – Jennifer Bonaparte

PTO Tree – Jennifer Lavare

Akwesasne Mohawk & Resort Casino Tree – Katerina Thompson

Terry McDonald Memorial Tree – Summer Bero

Speedway Tree – Tyler Sunday

Entertainment Tree – Lorraine Thomas

Monteal Canadians Tree – Greg Hendricks


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