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Powwow Etiquette


There are several guidelines that you should know as a courtesy to the Powwow participants: Powwows are fun events, but they are also sacred events. Ceremonial songs and dances, which are sacred, are performed from time to time throughout the powwow.

People should stand during all ceremonial songs and dances. These include the Grand Entry, Flag Songs, Veteran Songs, Honor Songs, and any other songs that the M.C. designates as a ceremonial song - Please stand quietly out of respect and always remove your hat/headgear.

People should listen to the M.C. as he will announce the different songs and will also let people know when they can dance and when they cannot. He will also give you other information and news.

•Do not take any photos, videos or sound recordings of ceremonies without prior permission from the person or group you are recording. Some areas of Turtle Island to not allow the recording of ceremonies. Photography is permitted only at certain times; listen to the M.C. for details. If you would like to photograph individuals, please ask them for their permission first and respect their decision.

•The dancers wear “regalia” while they are dancing, NOT “costumes”. People should NOT touch the regalia. NEVER pick up a piece of a dancer’s outfit. Point out the item to the dancer and they will retrieve it.

•Do NOT walk across the dance arena, the chairs around the dance arena are for the dancers. Bring your own chairs. Do not sit on someone else’s chair unless you have their permission.

Respect the Elders, Drummers, Singers, Dancers, and the Powwow staff and Committee!!



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