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Thank You Letter


Thank You Letter

On June 6, 2018, I suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage on my brain. I was at home at the time and my nephew Sonny called the Akwesasne Mohawk Ambulance (AMA) located in St. Regis. EMT’s Sherril Lazare and Clint Cole were working and attended to me. They rushed me to Malone Hospital. Apparently on the way, I stopped breathing and with Ms. Lazare’s expert care, I made it to the hospital alive. From Malone I was airlifted to Burlington. Upon arriving I was operated on and survived.

Ms. Lazare pretty much saved my life, as finding out later – few people survive this.

I remember very little of that night. I do remember Sherril working on me and I also remember Danielle Robbins and Taylor Smoke from the St. Regis Mohawk Police. There might have been other officers, but I don’t remember.

I feel I owe a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to the Akwesasne Mohawk Ambulance Service, the St. Regis Mohawk Tribal Police and to the community of Akwesasne and those who prayed for me. Without these people, I wouldn’t be alive today.

I’m at home now and doing well. It’s difficult to express how grateful I am to have such medical emergency expertise within our own Akwesasne community – to be saved by another Mohawk.

Thank you,

Desiree White


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