Children's Basket Class Comes to an End


Most of the young basketmakers gathered for a group photo on the last day of class. Showing off their finished baskets (L to R) Kahnekahawi, Zianna Cook, Tekawononkwa, Mylee Lazore, Konwawennarahkwa Jock and Teacher Levi Herne.

On Friday, July 27, 2018, the Akwesasne Cultural Center & Museum held its last children's basket class. The class was the last in a series of five classes held throughout the two weeks prior.

The teacher, Levi Herne, was such a great teacher that most of his ten students finished their basket before the last class. Those students chose to go on and make a second basket.

Konwawennarahkwa Jock working hard on her second basket.

Watching young people skillfully speed through a basket and have it turn out almost perfect is reassurance that Akwesasne is still home to some amazing basketmakers and that the next generations of basketmakers are in the making.

The children were taught step by step and learned first-hand from a young teacher on how to make a black ash basket from beginning to end.

Levi Herne was taught to make baskets by his mother, Sue Ellen Herne. He now teaches anyone interested in learning. From the looks of the students' baskets he is a very good teacher. Most of the time, people think of basketmakers as being a Tota, but not every talented basketmaker has to be a Tota. Levi is one of very few young men who know the craft and do it well. The Akwesasne Mohawk Museum offers a variety of basketmaking classes - don't miss out on the opportunity to learn a traditional craft that can be handed down from generation to generation.


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