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We would like to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful staff of the MCA Home Support Program


We would like to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful staff of the MCA Home Support Program.

When we found out Mike was terminally ill, we reached out to the Home Support Program in search of help at a time when we felt helpless. Starting with Lesley Bero, help came immediately and without hesitation.

Sheila Adams and the staff at the pharmacy please know that all of your efforts did not go un-noticed. Through all of the changes and ups and downs, you made everything so easy on us; we would have been lost without you!

There was a lot about caring for a terminally ill patient that we did not know about; what were we to expect, what happens next, what to do in an emergency? The journey was scary and emotional. We were lucky enough to have people with us every day of his final months. All of the nurses: Mark, Mona, Missy, Michelle and Kelly, you kept us sane and knowing we could call you anytime was such a source of comfort to us. Your kind words, hugs and compassion were more valuable to us than you will ever know.

To all of the Personal Support Workers, while there are too many of you to name, we want you to know each of you made an impact on our lives. We will miss seeing your faces, sharing meals, stories, laughter and tears. Thank you for taking such good care of our Mike, he was so very fond of you. All of you ladies were respectful and caring and we couldn’t ask for better people to be in the trenches with us. We will always consider you to be a part of our family.

Dr. Ojistoh Horn, first, we hope you know how proud Mike was of you. He was so happy to have a smart, Native woman looking after him. He looked forward to your visits and just knowing you were stopping by he would do his best to perk up. We could not have asked for a more knowledgeable, caring and supportive caregiver. Thank you for helping us work through the really tough times and for answering all of our questions. We could see how much you really cared for Mike, he was not just another patient, he was your friend. You made sure that his last year was comfortable and on his terms, he could not have asked for anything better.

To Cheyenne, Sue, Michelle and Kelly, thank you for being with us at the end. What you do must be one of the most difficult jobs in the world. When we were the most broken, you took charge and made sure we could grieve without worry about what to do next.

Your professionalism and compassion made an agonizing situation a little less terrible. We cannot thank you enough.

We are so very fortunate to live in a community that has such amazing services, filled with truly caring individuals. You are heroes to us and I hope you know how much we appreciate and value you. What you do is hard, emotionally and physically draining work and we hope you know that our respect and friendship will be with you forever.

Thank you again for taking care of our beloved father and husband.

Sincerely, Julie Thomas White and Charlene Thomas


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