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AMS Monthly Awards


AMS parents who helped the students meet their reading goals were recognized at last week's awards ceremony. Photo: Derrick Lafrance

The students at the Kawehno:ke school have been working very hard all year – many receiving repeating awards throughout the monthly ceremonies.

Last week marked the final awards ceremony and all students who received recognition for good character, reading and attendance as well as overall school spirit, were given their final due.

The Grade 1A class was awarded the Highest Percentage in Attendance for the Month of May and they were treated to a Pizza Party for their efforts.

The Grade six class of teacher Shelly Cruickshank won the Highest Class percentage for the Middle School.

This past year the awards day had a First Class seating promotion where they were allowed to sit on the side of the gym. The following businesses donated a bunch of snacks and gifts throughout the year at every monthly gathering.

Akwesasne Mini-Mart

Garden Green Organics

Swamps Performance

Kastowa Gas


Boston Pizza

Shoeless Joes

Little Caesars


Head Start 1

Clyden Cook – 2 months

Winter David-Harris – 2 months

Stylez King

Jonnie Logan – 5 months

Kaniehtiiostha Thompson – 2 months

Head Start 2

Carmen Cathers – 2 months

Sophia Cook – 4 months

Dominik Fontaine – 2 months

Thahakahteh Thompson – 6 months


Daniel David-Point – 5 months

Elton Jackson – 3 months

Kira Lazore

Kayden Thompson – 5 months


Philip David-Point – 5 months

Kimura Lalonde – 3 months

Kingston Leaf – 5 months

Jackson Mitchell – 3 months

Colton Seymour – 4 months

Gr. 1B

Harmony Benedict

Kash Edwards – 6 months

Harvest Farrell – 2 months

Isyse Papineau – 6 months

Nashtayia Thompson-Campeau

Xander Verdugo

Gr. 2

Rex Benedict – 5 months

Cydney Cook – 2 months

Aubrey Gray-Benedict – 6 months

Kayde Green – 3 months

Keylin Green – 3 months

Sloane Thompson – 3 months

Gr. 3

William Barnes – 2 months

Meadow David

Arie Francis-Harris – 2 months

Ryder Geneau-David – 6 months

James Papineau – 8 months

Teharerons Sharrow –Delormier – 3 months

Sadie Square – 3 months

Gr. 4

Brooklyn Benedict – 3 months

Kyren Green – 2 months

Xander Jacobs – 8 months

Shayna Lazore – 5 months

Odessa Leaf – 2 months

Gr. 5

Alivia David – 4 months

Emry George-Thomas – 3 months

Alliesha Lazore – 5 months

Tayton Square – 5 months

Rihanna Thomas – 6 months

Gr. 6A

Charlize Cook – 2 months

Sakyah Diabo – 6 months

Reegan Peters

Laquoia Tahy – 2 months

Paris Thomas – 4 months

Gr. 6B

Ryan Barnes

Summer Hemlock – 8 months

Iehontsionni Sharrow-Hall – 3 months

Kendra Square – 4 months

Gr. 7A

Bo Emree David – 3 months

Raweness Swamp – 3 months

Gr. 7B

Corlyn Atkins – 3 months

Ashlyn Benedict-Bernier – 4 months

Elgin David – 6 months

Donovan Mitchell – 6 months

Kaide Sunday – 2 months

Gr. 8A

Kanietahere Jacobs-Otter – 8 months

Quest Thompson – 2 months


Head Start 2

Liam and Lennon Thomas

Thahakahteh Thompson

Dominik Fontaine


Kieren Delormier

Kira Lazore

Kenzi Philips

Warren White


Emma Caldwell-Eamon


Graydon Seymour

Liam Thomas

Angel Thompson

Kyden Thompson

Gr. 1B

Jonis Boots

Lexis Delormier

Brandon Lazore

Isyse Papineau

Brycen Thompson

Xander Verdugo

Gr. 2

Liam Thompson

Sloane Thompson

Gr. 3

James Papineau

Sadie Square

Gr. 4

Bridget Benedict

Shakohsennakehte Delormier

Korvin Edwards

Kashtin Oakes

Peyton Peters

Tyron Sharrow

Hayden Skidders

Kakwirataken Thomas

Riley Thompson-Francis

Primary/Junior Students of the Month. L-R: Adrian Thompson, (Male Athlete of the Month) Kaweniiostha Cole, Isyse Papineau, Dreyden Taylor, Angel McLeod and Bridget Benedict (Students of the Month). Missing is Female Athlete Of The Month Sloane Thompson. Photo: Derrick Lafrance

Xander Jacobs

Katana Thompson

Gr. 5

Jack Lazore

Sakaya Diabo

Ashton Leaf

Gardyn Robertson

Paris Thomas

Gr. 7A

Ashlyn Benedict-Bernier


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