Indian Time - A Voice from the Eastern Door

In Memory Ashley Gray

May 6, 1985 - June 10, 2015


When We Lose A Loved One

When we lose a loved one

Our world just falls apart

We think that we can't carry on

With this broken heart.

Our lives mist go on without you.

But nothing is the same

We have to hide our heartache

When someone says your name

Sad are the hearts that you

Silent are the tears that fall

Living without you is the hardest part of all.

Even in the darkest days

Since we've been apart

Memories of the time we shared

Help to warm my heart

Everyday I miss the smile

That no one can replace

But still it brings me comfort

In the sadness that I face

You would not like to see me sad

So what I try to do

Is live a bright and happy life

In memory of you

For though I'll always miss you

And it's dreadful being apart

I haven't really lost you

Your still here in my heart


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