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MCA May General Meeting

Cannabis Survey Results Shared and MCA Annual Budget


The MCA May General meeting opened at 6pm at the Kanatakon School gymnasium. Presentations were given on: Recreational Cannabis Survey Results, Bill S-3 Descheneaux Case, and the MCA Budget.

Updates were given on: Akwesasne Mohawk Police Commission, the Corridor Project, Land Claims, the Proposed Natural Gas Expansion onto Kawehno:ke and the

Cannabis Survey Results

576 respondents from February 16, 2018 to April 6, 2018

Q4 Are you Aware that Canada is legalizing the recreational use of Cannabis in July 2018? (576 respondents)

89% respondents said yes while 7% respondents said no

Q5 In your opinion, should the MCA allow the recreational use of cannabis in Akwesasne? (576 respondents)

74% of respondents said yes while another 18% said no.

Q6 Do you want the sale of recreational cannabis in Akwesasne? (548 respondents)

65% of respondents said yes while another 21% said no.

Q7 If recreational cannabis is sold in Akwesasne, should that be through? (548 respondents

A. MCA Owned Entity - 9%

A. Privately owned but MCA licensed business - 34%

A. mix of the Two - 26%

Unsure and would need more information - 14%

I do not wish for recreational cannabis to be allowed in Akwesasne - 15%

I prefer not to answer - 2%

Q8 to 11 [In your opinion] Should Akwesasne adopt its own laws and regulations governing the production, the distribution, the sale and possession of recreational cannabis in Akwesasne

Production - Yes 74% No 21%

Distribution - Yes 76% No 20%

Sale - Yes 77% No 19%

Possession - Yes 72% No 24%

What they found:

People are aware about the upcoming legalization of recreational cannabis

Three-quarter of respondents agree that the MCA should allow the recreational use of cannabis in Akwesasne.

Majority of respondents’ want the sale of recreational cannabis in Akwesasne

7 out of 10 want MCA to be involved.

Three-quarter of respondents want Akwesasne to adopt its own laws and regulations for the production, distribution, the sale and possession of cannabis.

Bill S-3 Descheneaux Case (Amend Indian Act)

Context: The Indian Act had a discriminatory law against Indigenous women, where if a women married or had children with an unregistered man, they would lose their status.

That “being Indian” was based only on the male lineage.

On December 12, 2017, the Bill S-3 was set to amend the Indian Act in response to the Superior Court of Quebec decision in Descheneaux c. Canada. This will enable individuals to obtain Indian status who fell under these guidelines.

- Grandmothers who lost status due to marrying an unregistered man before April 17, 1985.

- Women born out of wedlock of registered fathers between September 4, 1951 and April 17, 1985

- Minor Children who were born of registered parents or registered mother but lost status because mother married an unregistered person after their birth.

Next Steps after Amendment.

- Assembly of First Nations (AFN) will continue to provide updates on developments and continue to support First Nations in Exercising their inherent jurisdiction over all aspects of First Nations identity.

- AFN will continue monitoring developments of Bill S-3 and will relay once Canada begins consultations of further reforms to Indian Status.

- AFN has developed a template citizenship law for interested First Nations.

- AFN will continue to advocate for removal of federal policy barriers for First Nations women and girls

MCA Brief Overview of 2018-2019 Operating Budget.

Operating Budget Total

Application of OGL for 18-19 fiscal year:

Proposed Budget: $ 497,010

Accumulated Operating (Deficit) end of 2016/2017 Budgeted Deficit 2017/2018: $ 594,787

Total Projected Accumulated Surplus (Deficit) by end of 18/19: $ 590,838

Renewable Energy Strategy

Energy Planning and Climate Change:

Energy Strategy Two Part Approach

1. Energy Conservation - Reduce energy usage, carbon footprint, improve health, and save money.

2. Pursue alternative energy source development. Develop micro-grids in each District.

Trainings; 20/20 Catalyst training programs - National training with 3 staff trained, TREC Education Program and Energy System Engineering Technician Diploma Program at Iohahi:io.

Energy Conservation Plans

Resilient Homes Project - Retrofits to include attic and basement insulation, new window and doors, draft proofing, energy star appliances, and air exchange to raise living standards, reducing energy consumption, lowering energy costs, and reducing carbon footprint.

Investment Grade Energy Audits and Retrofits of 54 MCA facilities

$ 2.4 million investments and energy savings of $ 237,000 annually

Projected Costs

- Resilient Homes - $ 40 million

- MCA Facilities Retrofits - $2.4 million

- Mohawk Electrical Cooperative - $ 25 million

- Wind Farm Investment - $5 million

Energy Systems Engineering Technician Training Program - $250,000 for lab equipment

Wind Turbine - $ 4.5 - $ 5 million

Corridor Project Update

Updated drawings identify new grading and drainage plans, the addition of turning lanes, the construction of a side service road, a sidewalk that runs along the corridor roadway, installation of new roadway lighting and traffic lights at the main intersection -crossroads.

Federal Bridge Corporation Limited (FBCL) was awarded the project to the General Contractor Cornwall Gravel, with local contractor Lazore’s Construction as a sub-trade.

The construction of the service road is expected to start as soon as the latest changes have been made to the drawing, derived from the May 9th public consultation meeting. The major change includes moving service road west closer to international road.

Dundee Land Claims Updates

Discussion on Dundee Lang Claims will be held Wednesday, May 30, 2018 - 6pm-8pm Kanonhkwatsheri:io Health Facility Atrium, Kana:takon

Proposed Natural Gas Expansion onto Kawehno:ke - Moved to next month’s meeting.

Announcements – District Meetings for the month of June. All meetings start at 6pm.

Tsi Snaihne - June 11th, Tsi Snaihne Recreation Centre

Kawehno:ke - June 11th, Kawehno:ke Community Centre

Kana:takon - June 18th, St. Regis Recreation Centre


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